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Clatskanie, OR is a small city located in Columbia County. It has been described as a picturesque town nestled in green hills and valleys with 3.1 square miles in the city proper, and a larger outlying area. Clatskanie is approximately one hour away from Portland, OR and is located 61 miles northwest of the city center. With a population of just under 1,800 citizens, Clatskanie prides small town values, and encourages fundraising and volunteering. For instance, in the early 1960’s, the town raised funds and built a community pool with the help of volunteers after several tragic youth drownings in the river. Later in the 1990’s, the community was able to build a library with local donations and volunteer labor.

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As for community highlights, the Clatskanie River draws crowds that enjoy calm water with a kayaking option in the adjacent sloughs. There is a park located in the city center that is home to a popular walking trail, and the Clatskanie Historical Museum that features the history of the area within a 20-mile radius. Clatskanie is also known for sponsoring a 4th of July celebration that has been an annual tradition for over a century. Finally, the park is the gathering place for relaxing and the designated location of the annual Quilt Show, a fun competition that usually occurs in summer months.

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Clatskanie is served by two public schools in the Clatskanie School District and employs a large portion of the community. The combined Clatskanie Middle/High School is for students in grades 6-12 while the Clatskanie Elementary school serves grades K-5. Piercing Arrow Private School is another private option for primary education with core values rooted in the Christian religion. There is curriculum available for K-12, and students in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in local public sports programs.

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Clatskanie has a relatively low crime rate. It is 22% lower than the national average and 72% safer than other cities in the United States. The city does not have its own Criminal Justice Court, so DUI crimes and other traffic related crimes are usually tried at the Columbia County Circuit Court. Please be advised that it is ultimately your responsibility to show up to the right courthouse on time, so please check your citation and release agreement to ensure which court will handle your case. For DUI cases taking place at the Columbia County Circuit Court, please meet your DUI attorney at:

Columbia County Circuit Court
230 Strand Street
Saint Helens, Oregon 97015
Justice Court
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