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If you’ve been cited or arrested for a DUI (sometimes called DUII) in Cornelius, OR, you need a high-quality DUI attorney to help you through the process. DUI charges in Cornelius, OR, will most likely be addressed in the Washington County Circuit Courthouse. Please check your citation to verify exactly where you need to be and when. It is your responsibility to appear in court as directed, to avoid a bench warrant being issued for your arrest and to avoid additional criminal charges.

The Washington County Courthouse is located in the county seat and largest city of Hillsboro, Oregon. Your initial court appearance, called the “arraignment” will take place at the Washington County Law Enforcement Center (LEC), located at:

215 SW Adams Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

Subsequent appearances required for a DUI and DUI related charges are in the main courthouse, located at:

145 NE 2nd Avenue OR 150 NE 1st Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Washington County Courthouse Pillars
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Experienced Cornelius, Oregon DUI Lawyers

Reynolds Defense Firm answers questions about DUI cases in Washington County every day. Please feel free to use our website FAQ’s as a resource to learn what you can about DUI charges and court cases in Cornelius, Oregon. The information on our website is general information, and every case is unique with its own set of facts. To make sure that the important details of your case are addressed appropriately, call our office for more information.

Reynolds Defense Firm is proud to be the leading, privately-retained DUI firm in the Northwest. Our team of attorneys has some of the most elite DUI defense lawyers in the state of Oregon. We consult with our clients, build a strong game plan, and do everything possible to defend their DUI cases while being up front and honest throughout the duration of the process.

Contact Reynolds Defense Firm immediately if you were arrested and/or given a DUI citation in Cornelius, OR and Washington County. Our attorneys have defended numerous people in DUI and DUI related offenses, and they are prepared to do whatever they can to help you during this troubling time. Protect yourself and defend your future from the repercussions of a DUI in Washington County, by calling our office today. We will guide you through the DUI legal process.

More About Cornelius, OR

The history of Cornelius began before the incorporation of the City. Like many western towns, Cornelius came into existence with the arrival of the railroad. Settlers faced the challenges of the Oregon Trail to get here. One of the successful settlers was T.R. Cornelius, who settled in the Tualatin Valley. The City was incorporated in the spring of 1893. In 1898 the town was said to have a population of 400. Today the City continues to grow with an estimated population of 12,161 (as of December 2015).

Oregon Trail Cornelius OR Washington County DUI

The town of Cornelius was built amid vibrant orchard lands during the railroad boom in the 1870s. Now bookended by the towns of Forest Grove and Hillsboro, just west of Portland, Cornelius continues to thrive as a farming community and welcomes visitors to enjoy a rich history of agriculture. Go berry picking, stroll vineyards or take a hike in the neighboring Chehalem Mountains.

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If you or someone you care about has been arrested for a DUI in Cornelius, Oregon or anywhere in Washington County, our office as soon as you can. DUI is a serious charge that can have a huge impact on the rest of your life. The team of attorneys at Reynolds Defense Firm are experienced DUI lawyers who have a history of taking good care of clients charged with a DUII.

When you hire the Reynolds Defense Firm, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to get you and your family positive results – both in the courtroom and in life. Getting charged with and going to court for a DUI is a frightening thing, but when you have the combined Oregon criminal defense experience of our team on your side, DUI charges in Cornelius, OR become a lot less scary. We specialize in Oregon DUI defense, and we are very good at what we do. To contact Reynolds Defense Firm, please call us at 503.223.3422. You may also contact our firm by filling out our online form, or by chatting with our team 24/7.

Client Reviews
These are fantastic people! I was so nervous when I first came in, but they treated me like a human, not someone who had messed up in a major way. Throughout the process, they helped me understand all the steps and supported me both with the legal stuff, but also the personal stuff. J.M.
Reynolds Defense is amazing. From the minute they pick up the phone, the entire staff is outstanding. Don't bother shopping , wondering who to get, if they are going to help or hinder, do they even care. Reynolds Defense Firm will not disappoint. T.H.
When they tell you to let them worry about your legal issue and for you to take care of yourself they really do mean it. DUIs are no joke and I was assuming the worst. And they literally saved my life, my job my home and my license. B.O.
The firm knows what they're doing, treated me with dignity during a time where I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of what I was going to do. They helped me through my entire unpleasant experience by following up with me every step of the way, ensuring I was never left in the dark. E.S.
Take it from me and don't go it alone. If your feeling sick to your stomach you are not alone. From the very first phone call they will treat you like family and have your back the whole way. You wont have one but a team of lawyers. B.W.