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Damascus DUI Attorney

If you were arrested or cited for a DUI (which is sometimes referred to as a DUII) in Damascus, OR or the surrounding areas, it is important for you to address this quickly. The way you move forward in addressing your legal matters is up to you, but we encourage you to act with a sense of urgency, as several court processes are time sensitive. Hearings for DUI crimes cited in Damascus are generally heard at Clackamas County Justice Court. That said, each DUI case is unique, and Reynolds Defense Firm always recommends for you to check your citation and/or release agreement to confirm where you need to be. Regardless of your chosen representation, it is always your responsibility to show up to the correct courthouse and to arrive on time. For hearings at Clackamas County Circuit Court, please go to:

Clackamas County Circuit Court
807 Main Street
Oregon City, OR 97045
Clackamas County Circuit Court
More About Damascus, OR

Damascus, OR is an unincorporated community as of 2016. While it is a former city in Clackamas County, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office has still provided services to help keep the community safe as a designated rural area. There is also fire protection from the Clackamas County Fire District, and from their neighboring community, the Boring Fire District.

Green Area

With a population size of over 11,000 residents, the population is steadily increasing as Portland’s urban growth boundary continues to expand. While the city of Damascus has a modest size with just over 16 square miles of land for residents to enjoy, there are tremendous efforts to keep their tree-lined community entertaining for residents and visitors alike. Damascus prides themselves in offering a variety of outdoor experiences. Several of those experiences take place in local community parks and on the Clackamas River. There is also a strong restaurant presence, and some specialize in coffee.

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Call Reynolds Defense Firm for a Complimentary Consultation

If you or someone you know is facing DUI charges in Damascus, OR, act quickly. It is critical for you to find a talented and competent attorney who not only specializes in DUI defense, but has solid relationships with other part of the Clackamas County Court system as well. It does not matter if you feel like the police officer did everything right or if you think your options are restricted for any reason, having the advice and assistance from a DUI lawyer who is experienced in navigating through Damascus’ court system will help minimize all harsh penalties.

While it is legal for you to represent yourself in court, this is generally not a good idea. Our team of attorneys who have experience as an administrative judge and as a prosecutor will inform you that while deciding members of the court will not go out of their way to impose severe penalties, it is not their job to offer you any favors either. Reynolds Defense Firm recommends showing up with a specialist who not only will do everything in their power to make sure you avoid negative consequences, but will help you move forward from a DUI arrest from a place of strength. When you show up to court with one of our DUI attorneys, it shows the judge you are taking matters seriously, and are actively working on correcting the situation in a healthy and productive way.

We believe that everyone who calls our firm for assistance with DUI charges deserves a complimentary consultation. Our team of DUI attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience, and will be honored to help you figure out your next best steps so you can sleep better at night. To contact Reynolds Defense Firm, please call us at 503.223.3422. You may also contact our firm by filling out our online form, or by chatting with our team 24/7.

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