Expungements of Criminal Arrests and Convictions

Oregon is about to make it very easy for your neighbor, employer, landlord, and acquaintances to do a background check on you. The State of Oregon is currently rolling out a new online system for managing Court records. With a couple clicks of a mouse, anyone that knows your name and date of birth will soon be able to look up your criminal history, for free. The information from your past will be more readily available than ever before.

Don't let your past get in the way of your future. It’s time to protect yourself. We have designed and implemented a streamlined process to help you clear your record as quickly as possible – before everyone has access to it. Now is the time to act – before the new court system is fully implemented, and before the court is flooded with requests from people like you seeking to protect themselves.

I can't stress this enough - if you or a loved one has ever been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime, then get some legal advice to see if the record of that incident can be sealed or expunged, and if it can be, then make sure you make it happen! Nearly every application you need to fill out - for a job, an apartment, a mortgage, or even for a student loan - asks some version of this question:

Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?

As you well know, answering "Yes" isn't likely to do you any favors, regardless of what you are applying for. But, if you are successful in expunging the records of your arrest or conviction, you can answer "No" to this question for almost all purposes.

There are many reasons to clear your record, a few of them are:

  1. Getting a job
    1. I’m sure you remember the section on your last job application where you are asked if you've ever been arrested for, plead guilty to, or convicted of a crime. You can either answer truthfully and face the likelihood of not getting the job, or you can lie and risk being caught breaking the law again. If your record is expunged, you can truthfully write "no" in answer to that question.
  2. Renting an apartment
    1. Very similar to applying for a job. Many rental agencies ask if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. Many others go a step further and conduct a background check to see if you have been convicted of a crime. If your record is expunged, you can truthfully write "no" in answer to that question and your background check should come back clear.
  3. Getting a car loan, house mortgage, or line of credit
    1. Some loan agencies consider your criminal record nearly as important as your credit score. They think you are more likely to default on your loan if you have a criminal record. This means that you may either be denied your loan or face significantly higher interest rates.
  4. Adoption
    1. Simply stated, most, if not all, states require a background investigation prior to allowing someone to foster or adopt a child. Many states expand the investigation beyond the person(s) wishing to foster or adopt and include an investigation on every adult living in the household. Oregon expands the background investigation to include a full criminal history check of every adult living in the household and will automatically disqualify a person if any member of the household has been convicted of certain crimes – some of which are expungeable.
  5. Peace of mind
    1. In addition to the many practical reasons for clearing your record, the most valuable reason may very well be your own peace of mind. You’ve lived with the consequences of your conviction for long enough – it’s time to put that event fully behind you and remove it from your record.

It’s time to move on – let’s put your record in the past. If you have any questions, or would like our help in clearing your record, please don't hesitate to call (503) 223-3422.

Client Reviews
These are fantastic people! I was so nervous when I first came in, but they treated me like a human, not someone who had messed up in a major way. Throughout the process, they helped me understand all the steps and supported me both with the legal stuff, but also the personal stuff. J.M.
Reynolds Defense is amazing. From the minute they pick up the phone, the entire staff is outstanding. Don't bother shopping , wondering who to get, if they are going to help or hinder, do they even care. Reynolds Defense Firm will not disappoint. T.H.
When they tell you to let them worry about your legal issue and for you to take care of yourself they really do mean it. DUIs are no joke and I was assuming the worst. And they literally saved my life, my job my home and my license. B.O.
The firm knows what they're doing, treated me with dignity during a time where I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of what I was going to do. They helped me through my entire unpleasant experience by following up with me every step of the way, ensuring I was never left in the dark. E.S.
Take it from me and don't go it alone. If your feeling sick to your stomach you are not alone. From the very first phone call they will treat you like family and have your back the whole way. You wont have one but a team of lawyers. B.W.