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Government Camp DUI Attorney

If you have been cited or arrested for a DUI (DUII) in Government Camp, OR, it is in your best interests to contact a knowledgeable DUI attorney with background in working with various courthouses in Government camp, OR and the rest of Clackamas County. As you talk about your case with our team of attorneys, you will start getting answers to your pressing questions, giving you peace of mind and helping you sleep better at night.

If you were cited in Government Camp, you will most likely be required to appear in the Clackamas County Circuit Courthouse for your arraignment. Please check your citation to verify exactly where you need to be and when. It is your responsibility to appear in court as directed, to avoid additional criminal charges.

The Clackamas County Courthouse is located at:

Clackamas County Circuit Court
807 Main Street
Oregon City, Oregon 97045
Clackamas County Court Government Camp
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Experienced Government Camp, Oregon DUI Lawyers

Being charged with a DUI is a foreign and terrifying experience for most people. At Reynolds Defense Firm, we use our extensive experience, training and courtroom trial skills to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We will guide you through this scary and stressful time, as an advisor to support you and be by your side, from beginning to end. Any DUI arrest puts into motion a series of unpleasant consequences. The first possible consequence is the suspension of your driver’s license. There is a small window of time to request a hearing, so it’s imperative that you start talking with an attorney right away, to make sure that you handle all requirements timely.

The court system is complicated. You will absolutely want somebody who is experienced to help navigate through all of your court proceedings. When you show up to court with one of Reynolds Defense Firm’s attorneys, you don’t just get that lawyer, you get the entire firm’s hard-earned reputation. Having us by your side shows the judge you are serious about handling your charges, and that your chosen DUI lawyer who believes in you and maintains that you deserve a closer look among all the other cases that the court members consider. Our team of DUI attorneys have over 60 years of experience and have established relationships with members of the court in Government Camp and Clackamas County. This does not mean that Reynolds Defense Firm can offer you under-the-table deals. However, having relationships with judges, prosecutors, police officers and other key figures is crucial in ensuring that all unwanted repercussions are kept to a minimum.

More about Government Camp, OR

Located at Mt. Hood’s southernmost slopes, Government Camp has stayed true to its roots while serving as a recreation destination for visitors since being settled in the early 1900s. More recent developments have modernized the quaint mountain community into much more than your average ski town. A unique downtown area offers plenty of ski and apparel shops, a brewery and comfortable accommodations that attract visitors year-round.

Ski Mt Hood Government Camp

During the summer, Mt. Hood is graced with some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world who visit the area for training. In addition to the recreational options in this beautiful little town, Government Camp’s location is pretty special. There are some undeveloped pieces, and because it is surrounded by national forest, the town is destined to keep its small-town charm. And if you get a taste for the “big-city” life, Portland is only about an hour away.

Mt Hood Forest Government Camp
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The choice is yours. You can hire us or hire somebody else, just make sure you are represented by a skilled attorney who specializes in Oregon DUI law and can use that skillset to meticulously represent you in Government Camp courts like our attorneys can. A DUI can have serious consequences on everything from your right to drive to your employment prospects. If you have already been arrested, or even if you have only been questioned and believe that charges may be forthcoming, we urge you to act quickly. Even if believe the charges are erroneous or exaggerated, or even if you believe that you have no options but to face conviction, it is important that you get the advice and assistance of an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the criminal justice system in Polk County.

If you need help with a DUI matter in Clackamas County, please call Reynolds Defense Firm by using your preferred communication method of choice. You’re welcome to call us, at (503) 223-3422, fill out a digital form online, text, and we offer a live chat service 24/7. We believe that everyone who contacts our firm for assistance with DUI charges deserves a complimentary consultation. We’re here, we’re solid, and we are very good at what we do.

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