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Hood River DUI Attorney

If you were cited for a DUI (sometimes referred to a DUII) in Hood River, OR, we urge you to contact a professional that specializes in DUI defense immediately. There are several factors to be considered as you address your DUI citation, and many of those items are time sensitive. Hire us or hire another firm. The choice is yours, just make sure your chosen lawyer has strong relationships with members of the court in Hood River. Your DUI attorney should have a thorough understanding of DUI law as well, as this could dramatically impact the outcome of your case.

If you received a citation in Hood River Oregon, hearings are typically heard at the Hood River Circuit Court. Each case is unique, however, and it is always your responsibility to arrive on time to the correct courthouse. To avoid confusion, it may be in your best interest to check your citation and release agreement to ensure you appear at the right location. For hearings at Hood River Circuit Court, please go to:

Hood River Circuit Court
309 State Street
Hood River, OR 97031
Building in Hood River
More About Hood River, OR

The name of the area was inspired by the nearby Hood River. With a population size of over 7,000 residents, the area serves as the county seat, and continues to attract those who enjoy outdoor activities and sweeping views of the Pacific Northwest. Hood River's economy has grown over the last several years, with the latest push being in high-tech industries. True to form, however, other main economy influencers include agriculture, tourism, and sports recreation. Popular attractions include apple and pear orchards that are zoned in Hood River’s “fruit loop”, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing. During the warmer months of the year, the area is also known for world-class windsurfing, and more recently, kitesurfing.


Hood River is also known for its arts and culture. Each Labor Day, confident swimmers and curious spectators gather for the Roy Webster Cross-Channel Swim. This event hosts over 500 swimmers who jump into the Columbia River and swim in the chilly water 1.1 miles to get to the other side. Festival-goers also look forward to the Hood River Valley Harvest Fest. There are over 100 vendors that are ready to share all their mouth-watering food products and local produce, arts and crafts, and specialty beverages. Visitors are known to bring boxes to load up on local fruit, flowers, pies, jams, and smoked salmon to last though the fall and winter season.

Call Reynolds Defense Firm for a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one has been charged for a DUI in Hood River, OR, act immediately and call Reynolds Defense Firm. There are several damaging consequences that can result from a DUI, as early as 10 days after your DUI citation. Further, the court system in Hood River is complex, and it takes a professional who is experienced to assist you with all your court proceedings. Our team of DUI attorneys have over 50 years of experience and have established relationships with those who involved in the Hood River court system.

While Reynolds Defense Firm cannot promise you backdoor deals, having relationships with key court members such as judges and district attorneys is important as our team works hard to keep all consequences that result from an arrest to a minimum. It is also important for you to show up to court with someone who has a solid reputation in Hood River, OR. When you show up with a DUI law specialist from our team, it shows that you are taking matters seriously and ready to address your legal matters in a meaningful way.

To contact Reynolds Defense Firm for your complimentary consultation, please call our firm immediately at (503) 223-342. You may also wish to reach us by filling out our online form, or elect to reach us 24/7 by texting or chatting with our team live. Reynolds Defense Firm is happy to answer your questions and will work hard to form a solid legal strategy that works in your favor.

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