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Keizer DUI Attorney

Keizer is part of the Salem Metropolitan area, and the biggest city in Marion County. With a population size of over 37,000 residents, Keizer attracts residents and visitors alike with several sites to see and enjoy.

Keizer pride stems from being located along the 45th parallel. The 45th parallel north is significant because it marks the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole. Other attractions include the Thomas Dove Keizur Statue. The statue represents the Keizur family journey that migrated from North Carolina to Independence, Missouri to join the Oregon Emigration Company of 1843 and the “great migration”. Their migration eventually led them to what is now known as the “City of Keizer” even though the founder of the town’s name is spelled “Keizur”. This inspired several others to follow in their footsteps, and in the meantime, the Keizur’s then 22-person family claimed 2725 acres of land. Thomas Doze Keizur was extremely influential in politics, military initiatives, and farming.

Keizer DUI Lawyer

Keizer’s crime index is relatively low, with a score of 29 out of 100. This makes the town 29% safer than other U.S. cities. It has been reported to be 32% lower than the average of crimes committed in the State of Oregon, and is in several lists as one of the Top 20 safest cities in Oregon. If you have been arrested or cited for a DUI (sometimes referred to as a DUII), you will need to appear in court for a hearing. Most initial DUI and other traffic crimes are typically heard at the Marion County Circuit Court Annex. It is always your responsibility to show up to the correct courthouse on time, so if please check your citation for the correct court location. For hearings at the Marion County Circuit Court Annex, please go to:

Marion County Circuit Court Annex
4000 Aumsville Highway
Salem, Oregon
Keizer Courthouse

If your hearing goes to trial, this will typically be heard at the Marion County Circuit Court. This is in a different location. Please check in with your attorney to establish which court will hear your case. For trials, please go to:

Marion County Circuit Court
4000 Aumsville Highway
Salem, Oregon
Municipal Court
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If you are facing DUI or other related criminal charges in Keizer, OR, it is critical for you to hire and seek legal counsel from a skilled DUI attorney. As always, it is always your responsibility to get handle a case in a timely manner, and having a team of DUI lawyers will help keep negative consequences to a minimum.

While you can face all charges without the assistance of a lawyer, this is never a good idea. We always advise all parties who have an arraignment to hire a specialist who is well versed in DUI law, and knows how to help with all legal proceedings. Hire us, or hire another firm, just make sure you have a DUI lawyer representing you in court.

Our team has developed relationships with members of the court in Marion county, and we pride ourselves with having over 50 years of combined experience. DUI charges are no laughing matter, and when you show up with a Reynolds Defense Attorney in court, it shows the judge you are taking matters seriously. We are happy to help you make all decisions, and urge you to contact us immediately. The earlier you contact a member on our team, the more effective we can be with strengthening your case. For your complimentary consultation, please call our firm at 503.223.3422. You can also chat or text us with our 24/7 live chat service, or contact us by submitting an online form on this website. Our entire team is here to help address your DUI charges, and will do everything we can to figure out the next best steps for you and your loved ones.

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