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If you’ve been arrested and/or cited for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Laurelwood, OR, you need an attorney who specializes in Oregon DUI Laws. Reynolds Defense Firm has over 50 years of combined experience with DUI’s in Oregon, Washington County and Laurelwood. If you received a misdemeanor or felony citation in Laurelwood, it is likely that your hearing will take place in the Washington County Circuit Courthouse. Please check your citation to verify where you need to be and when to avoid a missed court appearance and additional criminal charges.

Your initial court appearance, called the “arraignment” will take place at the Washington County Law Enforcement Center (LEC), located at:

215 SW Adams Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

Subsequent appearances required
for a DUI and DUI related charges
are in the main courthouse, located at:

145 NE 2nd Avenue OR 150 NE 1st Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Washington County Courthouse Pillars
Photo by John Deacon
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When you move forward to address your DUI citation with an attorney from Reynolds Defense Firm, it shows members of the court that you are accountable and taking matters seriously. Not only will you receive assistance from a team of lawyers who understand how the Washington County court system works, you’ll be getting over 50 years of combined experience and relationships with members of the court. While we cannot promise you backdoor deals, our team’s relationships and experiences in the Washington County Courthouse will serve in your best interest. Further, our team of DUI attorneys are backed by a hardworking team of administrative professionals who are passionate about helping you both in the courtroom and beyond.

About Laurelwood, OR

Laurelwood is an unincorporated community in Washington County, Oregon. The community is located southwest of the Portland metropolitan area near Oregon Route 47 along Laurelwood Road, to the east of the city of Gaston and Wapato Lake. Laurelwood, a farming community, has a population of approximately 500 people. Settled in the 1860s, the community was home to Laurelwood Academy from 1904 until 2007.

farming agriculture Laurelwood

The closest, more known city to Laurelwood is Gaston. Located in the southwestern part of the county, the small city of Gaston. Gaston offers miles of outdoor recreation opportunities. Cyclists, bird-watchers, hikers, swimmers and boaters enjoy the recreational areas such as Henry Hagg Lake and Scoggins Valley Park, a popular spot for triathlons and other endurance sports. Visitors also flock to the region’s first aerial ropes course and zip- line park, Tree to Tree Adventure Park, located minutes from the lake.

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If you are facing DUI charges in Laurelwood, OR, you need the services of a qualified attorney who specializes in DUI law. Even if you have already been questioned by the police and believe that you have few options, Reynolds Defense Firm still urges you to seek advice from a highly skilled DUI lawyer on our team. The earlier you contact us, the more time we will have to gather relevant information and strengthen your case. We will help you manage consequences and stay in front of, and potentially minimize, negative ramifications that you may be facing.

To take advantage of your complimentary consultation, please call Reynolds Defense Firm at (503) 223-3422. You can also chat with us live 24/7, or contact us by using the online form on this website. Our team is eager to help answer your questions and form a strategy as you take the next steps in the legal process.

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