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Do You Need a DUI Defense Attorney in Oregon City?

Are you facing DUI charges in Oregon City, Oregon? Feeling unsure about what steps to take next? It’s crucial to recognize the gravity of the situation and approach it with the seriousness it demands. Demonstrating to the courts that you’re taking the matter seriously is essential, and one effective way to do so is by enlisting the expertise of a specialized DUI attorney. The attorneys at Reynolds Defense Firm boast over 100 years of combined experience defending individuals arrested for DUI in Oregon.

Reynolds Defense Firm stands ready to support you and your loved ones through this challenging time in Oregon City, Oregon. You can reach out to us at 503-506-2886, initiate a chat with us at any time, or fill out the online form on our website to schedule a complimentary consultation. Having legal professionals with a deep understanding of handling DUI cases specific to Oregon City can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

FAQ about DUI arrests and court appearances in Oregon City, Oregon

A frequently asked question by people recently charged with DUI in Oregon City, Oregon is: “Can I get a DUI for prescription medication?”. Yes, you absolutely can. “Under the influence” means that if you have medication that negatively impacts your mental (confusion) and physical (reaction time) abilities, you could be considered “impaired” and arrested for a DUI. Even if you’re unaware that a medication will negatively affect you in this way, it’s still your responsibility to double check with your doctor and pharmacist about any possible side effects of medications and what you should and shouldn’t do when taking them.

Hopefully, you never need to call a DUI lawyer because of a prescribed medication, but the Reynolds Defense Firm legal teams will take care to help you through your case and get you moving forward. To learn more about DUIs and prescription medications, check our blog.

Clackamas County Circuit Court

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Photo Credit: John Deacon http://www.courthouses.co/us-states/o-u/oregon/

If you’re facing the unfortunate circumstance of a DUI arrest in Oregon City, Oregon, it’s likely you’ve received a citation to appear at the Clackamas County Circuit Court, situated in Oregon City. It’s important to understand that every DUI case is different, and it’s your responsibility to ensure you arrive punctually at the designated courthouse. To prevent any confusion, carefully review your citation and release agreement to confirm the accurate location and time for your appearance. For additional details regarding hearings at the Clackamas County Circuit Court, you can visit their website for more information.

Clackamas County Circuit Court

807 Main St.
Oregon City, Oregon 97045
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Main Telephone

Courthouse Hours
8am – Noon; 1pm – 4pm Mon-Fri
The courthouse is closed on legal holidays

About Oregon City, OR

In order to support our clients in Oregon City, Oregon, we aim to showcase various events and activities in the area that offer alternatives to alcohol-centered gatherings. Many individuals arrested for DUI struggle with their relationship with alcohol and seek to make positive changes. However, this endeavor can be challenging when their social interactions primarily revolve around alcohol. These alternative options can serve as valuable steppingstones towards fostering healthier habits. But first, did you know that Oregon City was the first incorporated city west of the Rocky Mountains?

Canemah Bluff Nature Park

The Canemah Bluff Nature Park rests along the Willamette River and is rich in biodiversity. You will enter at the Canemah Neighborhood Children’s Park, which has a playground, bathrooms, and a basketball court, and then follow the more than a mile of unpaved trails through the various habitats. Bird watchers will be graced with a variety of birds to spot, and a mosaic of wildflowers will delight you in the nicer months. The address for this park is: Canemah Bluff Nature Park, 917 4th Ave, Oregon City, OR 97045.

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Clackamas Repertory Theater

The Clackamas Repertory Theater was created for Clackamas Community College theater students to gain professional theater experience. The mission of the theater is to serve the community by hiring current and former students, offering low-cost tickets, and free parking to ensure that everyone has access to the theater arts. Along with putting on great performances, they also host various events for children to get them interested in theater. For more information on upcoming shows and ticket prices, check their website. The theater is located at: 19600 Molalla Ave, Oregon City, OR 97045.

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Municipal Elevator

The Oregon City Municipal Elevator is one of four municipal elevators in the world. The “Elevator street” is also the only “vertical street” in North America. It is definitely a tourist destination, but everyone who lives in and around Oregon City should take the chance of taking the elevator up to the second floor at least once in their life. It was first built in 1912 but has since been updated and is still very functional. It’s free to ride, so why not check it out. You can find it at: 6 Railroad Ave, Oregon City, OR 97045.

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If you’re confronting a DUII (DUI) charge in Oregon City, Oregon, or anywhere within Clackamas County, Oregon, it’s important to hire an attorney with expertise in DUI defense to guide you through the legal process. Whether you believe the officer’s actions were justified or not, securing the guidance and support of a specialized DUI lawyer is crucial for achieving the best possible outcome in court. Reynolds Defense Firm features eight attorneys boasting over 100 years of combined legal experience. Remember, a few regrettable moments should not overshadow a lifetime of good decisions. We specialize in representing good people facing DUI charges.

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