Anthony Li



Anthony’s professional success comes from a desire to help people feel empowered in their decisions. He does this for our clients by taking the time to deeply consider any issue at hand and walk through all possible outcomes. This allows them to feel informed and confident in every decision they make throughout the entire process.

He is passionate about helping people and believes that honesty is crucial to a successful working relationship. His enthusiasm for sincere communication shows that he cares about our clients. He provides guidance and support, in any way necessary, to help our clients achieve the best results for their case. He is an incredible advocate for the good people we represent because of his strong devotion to helping people and seeing those around him succeed.

Anthony grew up in Southern California. He is grateful for the experience because the amount of diversity he was surrounded by taught him the importance of community and having respect for others. He credits his ambition to his parents and the amazing example they set for him. He was taught to work hard, live consciously, and focus on what is right and treat people with fairness.

After college, he moved to Oregon and attended Lewis & Clark Law School. While in college he became curious about the pervasive influence of our government. This interest, combined with a lifelong love of reading and writing, led to him to pursue a career in law. He has always had a strong desire to help people experiencing difficult situations, so criminal defense, specifically, felt like a natural path to take.

Before joining Reynolds Defense Firm, he worked with the Federal Public Defender’s Office and the Oregon Innocence Project. This experience gave him the opportunity to work with many people, from different backgrounds, assisting them through interesting and unique situations. Anthony has a lot of training in the science and technology involved in criminal matters, which gives him a well-rounded approach to the investigation process of cases.

He has a sincere desire to improve people’s lives, by creating an atmosphere that is non-judgmental and supports their willingness to grow and achieve their own goals. His background, along with his ability to listen and empathize with our clients for the challenging circumstances they are facing, is what makes Anthony such a successful part of our team.

Anthony loves any kind of outdoor activity, like running, hiking, and skiing. So, if you catch him outside of Reynolds Defense Firm it will likely be on a trail of some sort, and he’ll likely be with his best friend – his dog Archie! He also loves spending time with his girlfriend and his family, playing board games, visiting Portland’s many food trucks, or even just taking it easy at home, in the company of a good book. If you have any suggestions, he’s always on the hunt for good book recommendations!

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

Washington State Bar

Oregon State Bar

District Court of Oregon

Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (OCDLA)
Member since: 2018

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
Member since: 2018

American Constitution Society – Oregon Chapter
Board Member since: 2019

Multnomah Bar Association
Member since: 2018


Five stars all the way
Anthony was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire experience. He was able to get my case dismissed! Thank you again!
- Anonymous

Responsive, Thoughtful Counsel
Throughout the process of resolving my case, Anthony listened to my perspective and provided well informed advice. This included taking an urgent call from me about an unexpected situation. I’d highly recommend him as a defense attorney.
- Anonymous

Can’t Go Wrong With Mr. Li
Had one meeting with him so far. I felt it went well. He was very thorough and described the steps in the process in great detail. After speaking with him he broke down the process and allayed much of the anxiety and stress I’ve been feeling. It’s definitely relieved a lot of the stress. I feel much more comfortable going forward with him representing me.
- Anonymous

Thanks for the work!
Anthony was easy to talk to and made himself available. Knowledgeable and helpful.
- Dave