Karma Read

Associate Attorney


Karma brings a wealth of diverse experiences to her role at Reynolds Defense Firm. Raised in an environment where hard work and resilience were most important, she learned early on the value of creative problem-solving, a skill she now applies to every case she handles. Karma’s diverse background and compassionate approach make her a natural fit for Reynolds Defense Firm, and we are so thrilled to have her on our team.

Her journey into law was driven by a passion for empathetically listening to people’s stories and experiences, and enabling them to use those experiences to foster positive change in their lives. Initially pursuing a career in psychology and philosophy, Karma soon found her calling in law when she realized the interconnection between criminal justice and mental health. Inspired by a course on restorative justice through the Oregon State Penitentiary, she saw the law as a means to empower people and effect positive change without the constraints of insurance mandates. Discovering that medical insurance would limit the type of mental health benefits she could offer her clients, Karma realized that a career in criminal defense would allow her to better help the people she wanted to help.

Throughout her career, Karma has been a tireless advocate for her clients. Starting out in a medical insurance carrier’s office, she advanced quickly demonstrating her exceptional work ethic and dedication. Her experiences as an intake coordinator at Legal Aid, a law clerk at the Oregon Innocence Project, and later as a public defender provided her with invaluable insights into the challenges faced by people navigating the legal system. She quickly saw that those individuals needed more than just the traditional role of a criminal defense attorney. They needed their voices and stories to be heard through a lens of empathy and compassion, and they wanted someone to help them regain a sense of control – which is why Karma makes it a point to approach each client with the same level of care, dedication, and advocacy as she would for a family member.

In her role at Reynolds Defense Firm, Karma embodies the firm’s ethos of compassionate representation. She understands the importance of truly listening to clients and providing them with the support they deserve. Karma’s commitment to her clients, her community, and her team makes her such a valuable asset to Reynolds Defense Firm. Truly believing in the principle that everyone deserves empathy, fairness, and a second chance, Karma is determined to make a positive impact in the lives of the good people we represent.

Outside of her legal work, Karma finds joy in spending time with her two children and her beloved lab/husky mix. An avid Halloween enthusiast, she transforms her home into a spooky haven every year, a testament to her creativity and love for festivities. With a passion for the outdoors and a zest for life, Karma embraces each day with optimism and enthusiasm.


J.D., University of Oregon School of Law

University of Oregon
2015 – Cum laude

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Pro Bono Award Badge - University of Oregon
Kirkpatrick trial practice award - University of Oregon
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I can’t say enough good things about Karma Read.
Her intelligence and hard work have made my life and practice appreciably better. She’s great with judges, opponents, and clients!
- Richard