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If your DUI arrest took place in Rainier, OR don't hesitate to call us. This one phone call could be your very best chance at getting your case resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. From negotiating reasonable settlements to helping you through the process from start to finish, Reynolds Defense Firm offers effective legal counsel for DUI Charges.

Make sure you review all of your paperwork carefully. Your citation will most likely be filed n the Rainier Municipal Court, however there is a chance that your case gets filed in the Columbia County Circuit Court. Please refer to the papers you were served to ensure which court you are expected to appear in. It is your responsibility to appear in court on the specified day and time, to avoid a warrant being issued for your arrest or any further charges being filed against you. If you have been ordered to appear in the Rainier Municipal Court, the courthouse is located at:

Rainier Municipal Court
106 W. B St.,
Rainier, OR 97048

For citations that direct you to appear at the Columbia County Circuit Court, please go to:

Columbia County Circuit Court
230 Strand Street
Saint Helens, Oregon 97015

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If you’ve been charged with a DUI or you are helping someone you care about who has been charged with DUI, it’s vital that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You need a competent attorney in your corner – and with Reynolds Defense Firm, you get a team of five attorneys working for you on your case. Our team has over 60 years of combined experience both in criminal court process and in handling the administrative hearing process. Sure, we are passionate about your criminal case, but we also make it a point to help you on the human side of being arrested as well. When we better understand what’s going on in your life that got you into this situation, it allows us to seek better results to protect your futures.

More about Rainier, OR

Rainier was founded in 1851 by Charles E. Fox, the town's first postman. The town was first called Eminence and was later changed to Fox's Landing before finally being deemed Rainier. The name Rainier was taken from Mount Rainier in Washington, which can be seen from hills above the city. Rainier is a small, cozy town on the south side of the Columbia River, but right across the bridge you have Longview, a busy town, with lots of industrial and commercial enterprises. Rainier is the ‘river playground’ of the area without many industry jobs, while Longview is the working city.

Mt Rainer Municipal

The city park offers scenic views of the waterfront, handy space for walkers and children, and a place for the seasonal Saturday Market-in-the-Park and the town’s annual festival, Rainier Days in the Park. Right near the new boat launching ramp is an impressive array of new apartments and condos overlooking the Columbia River. The downtown area is dotted with family-operated stores and various spots for visitors to shop or sit and enjoy a good meal.

Rainer City Park

If you’ve been charged with a DUI (DUII), your first step should be to discuss your charges with an experienced DUI attorney. At Reynolds Defense Firm, we understand that sometimes good people make mistakes. However, if you’re convicted of DUI, you could be facing tough penalties, such as jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, or community service. So, our team works hard to get you the best possible outcome given the unique circumstances of your case. Reynolds Defense Firm has a solid and dedicated group of legal professionals that know how to keep negative consequences to a minimum. By obtaining legal counsel from our team of DUI attorneys, your case can absolutely be strengthened. As you may know, a strong case represented by a well-versed DUI lawyer helps minimizes devastating, negative consequences. While we prefer you hire our team of DUI lawyers, even if you decide to hire another law office, ensure they specialize in DUI laws and have strong relationships with those who work in Columbia County law courts. It may absolutely make a difference in the outcome of your case.

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To set up a free consultation with Reynolds Defense Firm, please call us at 503-223-3422. If you prefer to send a message, feel free to chat or text us with our 24/7 live chat service or submit a quick message an online form on this website. We have over 50 years of combined experience, and we will be happy to help answer your questions and figure out your next best steps.

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These are fantastic people! I was so nervous when I first came in, but they treated me like a human, not someone who had messed up in a major way. Throughout the process, they helped me understand all the steps and supported me both with the legal stuff, but also the personal stuff. J.M.
Reynolds Defense is amazing. From the minute they pick up the phone, the entire staff is outstanding. Don't bother shopping , wondering who to get, if they are going to help or hinder, do they even care. Reynolds Defense Firm will not disappoint. T.H.
When they tell you to let them worry about your legal issue and for you to take care of yourself they really do mean it. DUIs are no joke and I was assuming the worst. And they literally saved my life, my job my home and my license. B.O.
The firm knows what they're doing, treated me with dignity during a time where I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of what I was going to do. They helped me through my entire unpleasant experience by following up with me every step of the way, ensuring I was never left in the dark. E.S.
Take it from me and don't go it alone. If your feeling sick to your stomach you are not alone. From the very first phone call they will treat you like family and have your back the whole way. You wont have one but a team of lawyers. B.W.