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If you were cited for a DUI (sometimes referred to a DUII) in Tillamook County, OR, we urge you to contact a professional that specializes in DUI defense immediately. There are several factors to be considered as you address your DUI citation, and many of those items are time sensitive. Hire us or hire another firm. The choice is yours, just make sure your chosen lawyer has strong relationships with members of the court in Tillamook County. Your DUI attorney should have a thorough understanding of DUI law as well, as this could dramatically impact the outcome of your case.

If you received a citation in Tillamook County Oregon, hearings are typically heard at the Tillamook County Circuit Court. Each case is unique, however, and it is always your responsibility to arrive on time at the correct courthouse. To avoid confusion, it may be in your best interest to check your citation and release agreement to ensure you appear at the right location. For hearings at Tillamook Circuit Court, please go to:

Tillamook County Circuit Court
201 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, Oregon 97141-2393

More About Tillamook County, OR

The City of Tillamook is on the northern coast of Oregon just 74 miles west of Portland next to Tillamook Bay. As the county seat, it is the center of business in the region and the crossroads from which visitors can reach Tillamook County’s many beaches, parks and recreational opportunities.

Person and Mountain

Tillamook has long been a hard-working community built around the area’s timber, dairy and fishing industries. Today, with a rapidly growing tourism industry added to the mix, the city is enjoying a renaissance. Classic downtown buildings are being refurbished, new ones are being built, a new waste treatment plant has been constructed to serve future growth, and the Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency is at work revitalizing the city.

For many Oregonians, “Tillamook” and “cheese” are inextricably linked. For more than a hundred years, generations of dairy farmers and cheesemakers have brought economic prosperity to Tillamook, and their collaboration through the County Creamery Association has built a nationally known brand of cheese and dairy products. Over a million people visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory each year.


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If you are facing DUI charges in Tillamook County, Oregon, Reynolds Defense Firm has a unique ability to help you. While it is legal to go to court without professional representation, it is a frequent and devastatingly unfortunate mistake to face a DUI without impeccable representation and legal advice because the consequences are too great. Our team has over 8 decades of combined experience with members of the court in Tillamook County, and those relationships carry a significant impact on the outcome of our client’s cases. Can we get back door deals? No, but having established relationships are certainly part of the criminal justice system, so hiring a team of professionals to assist you with your DUI charge is crucial. Hire us, or hire another firm, just make sure your lawyer specializes in DUIs knows the inner workings of the Tillamook County court system.

If you are convicted of a DUI crime, penalties can include costly fines and extended jail times. There are other consequences, however, that should be strongly considered when making a decision about how you will proceed with handling your case. Those consequences can include a damaged reputation, barriers to financial lending, housing security, rejections from future employment opportunities, and destroyed relationships with friends and family members. Once again, self-representation is a legal option, but when you hire a DUI lawyer from Reynolds Defense Firm, you are showing the judges, police officers and other court employees in Tillamook County that you are taking matters seriously.

If you need help with resolving a DUI arrest or any other related criminal matters in Tillamook County, Oregon—please call Reynolds Defense Firm at (503) 549-4590, submit an online form on this website, or chat or text us with our 24/7 live chat service  for your free initial consultation. The sooner you call, the more we can strengthen you case and keep negative consequences to a minimum. Our team does one thing, and we do it well. We are happy to answer your questions and figure out the best course of action that will benefit you and your family.

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