What People Are Saying About Us

His concern and caring demeanor calmed down me and provided the hope that I needed. - Client

I have known Dan Reynolds for numerous years and have had the pleasure of drawing upon his legal and business knowledge many times. The Reynolds Defense Firm is not only a fantastic law firm; it is run by an outstanding, honest and trustworthy individual, Dan Reynolds. I highly recommend Dan and his entire team at the Reynolds Defense Firm. You will not be disappointed when you hire them and will be treated with care, respect, and dignity! Portland Family Lawyer

Josh was very personable and made me feel very comfortable during a difficult point in my life. He gave me sound advice and went to bat for me in what wasn't a completely straight forward case. - Client

Dan Reynolds is a professional, caring, and thoughtful attorney. We have been fortunate to spend time with Dan and his family and know how passionate he is about helping people who have found themselves in unfortunate situations. Dan truly finds joy in helping clients and working with them to achieve a sound legal resolution. Dan and his team look at the person, not just the legal problems. We are happy to recommend Dan and Reynolds Defense Firm for your defense needs. Sandy Estate Planning Attorney

Dan is a hardworking, experienced, and trustworthy lawyer. I trust his legal judgement without question. I refer clients to him without hesitation and have heard nothing but positive experiences. West Linn Personal Injury Attorney

If you are seeking aid from a firm that truly takes the time and effort to serve their customers in a meaningful way…then look no further than Reynolds Defense Firm. - Client

I’d first like to say it’s been great working with you guys because of the quick and helpful responses I have received. Reynolds Defense Firm put my mind at ease while making the process smooth and easy to address. I would recommend the firm to anyone in the future! – C.R. Client

I have known Josh for several years and he is a smart lawyer who knows how to effectively advocate for his clients and get them the best possible result. Former Washington County District Attorney

We really appreciate and are grateful for all of the guidance and expertise that Richard and everyone at the firm has given us. – A.E. Client

You will not be disappointed when you hire them (RDF) and will be treated with care, respect, and dignity. - Portland Family Lawyer

Dan is the straight shooting no-nonsense attorney that you want standing next to you when you are accused of a crime. He will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals and protect you in the most difficult situations. Immigration Attorney, The Law Office of Jason Klein

Experienced, detailed, VERY WELL RESPECTED among his Colleagues. Dan Reynolds represented me when I was in legal trouble for a DUI. Not only did he get me the best possible legal results, he held my hand through, what to me, was a very traumatic situation. Mr. Reynolds is a straight shooter. I trust him completely and feel that he works for my best interest. I believe he genuinely cares about his clients. I highly recommend his services. - Former Client

Richard was extremely thorough and thoughtful. He made sure I understood all of my options weighted against his best legal opinion. I believe without his guidance my case could have gone a very different way. I would highly recommend him to anyone. - Client

My experience with Josh was extremely uplifting. It gave me an absolute backbone in my life. I learned I wasn't out to fight the courts. Instead he taught me and reinforced what real adults know well - I needed to change my actions to create the response I wanted. Not the other way around. Josh made it clear that his primary goal was to support me. He knew I was trying hard to just live as a person that isn't wanting to commit crimes or irresponsible acts in the community. And so we worked on that. And we aced everything with flying colors. Thank you so much Josh and the team at his defense firm. – N.F. Client

It was clear to me that he is a person with great integrity and a passion to help make the world a better place. - Portland Licensed Professional Counselor

I'm very grateful I decided to go with your firm, considering the situation everyone made me feel like a good person. Human. – S.J. Client

Dan Reynolds is an excellent attorney and I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend, family member, or client in need of help with a DUI. Dan is a trustworthy person that really cares about the situation his clients are in and puts everything has behind helping them. I hope that I never have occasion to need help with a DUI, but if I did, I would want someone like Dan in my corner. Probate attorney, Broel Law Group

I could not have asked for a better lawyer! I was in a lot of trouble and when other lawyers told me I was SOL he told me all the things I could do to make it right! I did all those things and because of that my life is so much better now! I owe much of my sobriety to him. I walked out of court so happy. I would have given him a giant hug if I could! :) thank you… – K.T. Client

As a local musician, with a somewhat alternative outlook, I've always been a bit wary of the legal profession, but when I made the mistake of driving drunk and was arrested for DUII and other moving violations, I knew I needed help. I checked out several places, but after a consultation with Josh Gibbs at the Reynolds Defense Firm , I knew I had gone to the right place. Besides being astutely knowledgeable and professional, Josh also has some background in the local music scene, is a member of NORML, an all-around nice, easy going person, and a Timbers supporter. My kind of guy! Josh has also worked extensively with the D.A. and knows how to maneuver behind the scenes. He got me the best deal available that I wouldn't have even known was possible. I never could have done this on my own. Josh made everything very clear throughout, with great and sometimes amusing insight, which made a difficult situation easier. He even went through the reams of paperwork with me which otherwise would have made my head explode. The entire staff at the Reynolds Defense Firm were extremely respectful, helpful and friendly every step of the way even after my many phone calls. It really helped my peace of mind to know that Josh and the Reynolds team were looking after my legal issues. - S.W. Client

I have been able to stop worrying and leave that to him. - Client

Richard’s tenacity in taking care of my case was very satisfying, (far more than I hoped for) I felt he did all he could and didn’t give up until he got the results that I wanted. For that I am very grateful. - N.P. Client

Thank you so much for your help! Last night was the first night I actually slept in peace in what seems like forever - thanks again - I really appreciate it. - A.J. Client

About 7 months ago I was charged with a DUI and it was by far the scariest situation I have ever found myself in. Being the first time I have ever been in trouble with the law, I didn't know where to go or who to turn to... until I found Dan Reynolds. He brought me in for a free-consultation, and it was so comforting to hear him explain how he could help me. He GENUINELY CARED ABOUT MY CASE, and that wasn't something I expected to find in a criminal defense attorney. It was a no-brainer to hire Dan, and to this day, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Reynolds Defense Firm helped me with my DUI charge, which in turn helped me save my job and my family. I owe it all to Dan and his awesome team and it is hard for me to put in words how much I appreciate what they did for me. When I needed help, they delivered BIG TIME, and I will never forget that! - J.M. Client

I’ve never felt like I was in such good hands during the most uncertain time of my life. - Client

I'm petrified to say that we do not need your help anymore... I pray that it doesn't and I appreciate your help and support so much, you will never know. This situation is so hard for all of us and I worry so much about being judged by people. Thank you for treating us with respect and dignity! - E.W. Client

Mr. Morgan was always very concerned with my well being. He kept all appointments with me with by phone or in person and was always prompt. He showed utmost respect to me when others dealing with my situation did not. - T.G. Client

Joshua Gibbs and Reynolds Defense Firm associates were excellent to work with. I felt very comfortable after the first visit that I had the best people representing me. They answered all my questions and concerns that I had during the entire process. The firm was prompt to call me when they said they were going to which made me feel good. They did not keep me waiting or keep me in the dark. Their answers were always correct. Joshua gave me great advice I did what he recommended and it was very successful. The entire process was about 3 months and the ending was the best. He was able to achieve exactly what we were looking for. We had minimal amount of court time and the court time went perfect. There were no surprises during entire process and everything went exactly as he told me it would. I was always informed to what to expect. I would without a doubt recommend Joshua Gibbs and Reynolds Defense Firm for representation. - D.T. Client

I enjoyed the way you work together. - Client

Dan explained the process and fees in detail. He has a very kind and caring demeanor which allayed our fear and anxiety. I appreciated how perceptive he was of my son's emotional state and the family dynamics. Not only was he able to negotiate favorable legal outcomes but also showed a real concern for my son's future and gave excellent advice in that regard. I truly believe that without out his help we would not have had the positive judicial and personal results of our case that we did. - D.C. Client

You are truly incredible at what you do! You exceeded my expectations with your knowledge of the law, professionalism, attention to detail and sincere concern for my welfare and rights as your client. After interviewing with other lawyers, your service and practice, without exception is unparalleled in this City. I am glad to have met you and very proud to have had such a skilled and genuine lawyer to see me through what could’ve been a much more daunting process. - Q.A. Client

My DUII was my first brush with the legal system. I was very nervous about how to deal with it and finally decided I needed professional help. I talked to 3 lawyers. Dan was the most expensive but not by much. I went with him because he seemed the most confident and knowledgeable and because my gut told me he was the best one. My instincts were absolutely correct about Dan and his team. Professional every step of the way. Dan told me exactly how it was going to be when my case came up. Everything: how long it would take, what my penalty and fines would be and how I was going to take care of what I needed to do. All of this information came on our first meeting after I hired him and all of it was correct. That is why I decided to hire a lawyer in the first place. I needed to concentrate on my work and let someone else worry about how to navigate the legal labyrinth. It takes over a year to take care of every last detail of a DUII and Dan has been with me every step of the way. What more can you ask than that? I have spoken with a few people about their DUII experiences and I am certain I saved myself a lot of money hiring Dan. I paid more up front, but he had the know-how and professional reputation within the legal community that helped me get the best possible deal. Dan is a smart fighter in the courtroom and a leader. He said a couple of things during my trial that had the other lawyers hopping up and saying "oh, yeah, I meant to say that on behalf of my client, too". It was great. - W.S. Client

Thank you to everyone at Reynolds Defense Firm for being so kind, patient and welcoming. - Client

After meeting Dan, I can’t convey how calm he made me feel and how he took the time to personally explain everything so that I really understood. All of my reservations were quickly put at bay. He has gone above and beyond what is a normal attorney’s “call of duty”. From the moment I met him, I have felt that he has been at my side and on my team throughout everything. - J.C. Client

You are an ACE! And the best of the rest. A lot of attorneys say they are the best - and they are not! You never said it, but you are! - Client

The circumstances that I experienced were severe and would have been a daunting challenge for any law firm to contend with, but you never fed us any bull, you were always straight with us, you gave us respect and treated us with dignity. Without your experience, insight and persistence, I’m confident that I would have suffered unimaginable consequences. Your expertise and patience was truly worth every penny of your fee. - D.H. Client

I have known Dan for over 17 years. He is a dedicated, talented attorney. I refer all clients that need his services to him with great confidence in his ability to help them. West Linn Estate Planning Attorney

Your treatment of my case was exceptionally handled in a manner that shows your firms expertise in the law as well as your treatment of me as a person, not just a case among many. I could not have asked for a better firm to represent me. - S.T. Client

I was even more impressed when we went to trial and his true talents came to light. He was very prepared and I felt very fortunate that he was on my side. He never made me feel as though I was along and that he would do anything in his power to help me. Which is more than I can say for the nearly 40 other attorneys that I contact in my search. - Client

I feel very represented, and like you guys actually care about me. - Client

This has been a son of a b***h for me and I appreciate the work that you did. Thank you for getting the outcome I was looking for. If I ever have anybody who needs some help, I know who to send them to. - M.L. Client

We were really impressed with how Dan treated us. He was very honest and told us what our options were every step of the way. He worked so hard! We are "old school" people and he has "old school" ways. - L.P. Client

I can't thank Dan enough for his professional expertise, integrity and honesty in helping our family deal with an overwhelmingly emotional issue that involved our daughter and her arrest for DUII. - C & C.W. Family of Client

I felt as though Dan treated me like he would have treated his own father if he were in my situation; like I was part of his family. He was very sincere. - R.W. Client

I just wanted to write you a letter saying that I really appreciate what you did for me. You were very easy to talk to; you answered all of my questions; and I believe that I was represented as best as possible for my case. I want you to know that I think very highly of you as a person and a lawyer (lawyer jokes are almost offensive now). - B.Y. Client

Thanks for the Grand Slam! You truly are the best. Thank you for everything and all you did. Your hard work is very much appreciated. - N.P. Client

I’m so happy I chose RDF - I’ve never heard of a firm being interested in the well-being of the client way after the legal stuff is over. - Client

Dan is a hard-working, dedicated attorney. He is a great lawyer, who is willing to help both clients and colleagues. Portland Divorce Attorney

It is impossible to fully describe the feelings that accompanied being charged with a DUI and Reckless Driving in a short review, but I had no knowledge of the legal system and was very distressed. I knew I would need a lawyer I felt comfortable with, who inspired confidence in me and who I believed would help me work for my best possible outcome. I spoke with several lawyers by phone and after meeting MacDaniel Reynolds, I was confident that he would be the best attorney I could hire for my situation. I appreciated the fact that he essentially interviewed me before he would take my case. I have always been treated with the utmost respect by Mr. Reynolds and everyone in his office. After my first day in court I was absolutely convinced that my decision was excellent, I have been able to stop worrying and leave that to him. His discussions with me have always been informative and included several options for consideration; he has been able to advise me of the potential long term consequences of each potential option. Most recently he was able to get my Reckless Driving charge dismissed and the relief and gratitude I feel over that reaffirms his value as my attorney. - Client

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my case. I am happy I chose you as my lawyer because you obviously are great at what you do. I really appreciate all you did for me. P.S. you are still my hero! - E.C. Client

I’ve known Dan Reynolds for decades and have always found him to work with the utmost professionalism. I’ve worked with him in several business situations and have found him to be reasonable, level-headed, and interested in the best outcomes for all parties. He is very intelligent and driven to find creative solutions to difficult scenarios. I highly recommend his services. Portland Real Estate Business Owner

Thank you again for all your help during a stressful time. I really appreciate your professionalism, diligence, and candor. I will strongly recommend you to anyone I know that gets themselves into a predicament. - R.S. Client

I am glad I reached someone who cared... thank you for listening to me. - Client

Thank you for everything you did for me and for always helping me to understand what I needed to do. You were very patient. You are a really good lawyer and I appreciate all you did for me. Thank you again for everything, you are awesome! - A.W. Client

MacDaniel and I were both prosecutors together and I know him to be an excellent trial lawyer. I recommend him to anyone needing a DUI defense lawyer. Portland Personal Injury Attorney

He helped me through a difficult time in my life. He was very knowledgeable with my case and was able to help above and beyond what I expected. I would recommend him to anybody who is or was involved with a DUI, reckless driving, criminal mischief, hit and run, and I am sure that we would be able to help you too. Very satisfied with his work and you would not regret hiring him. Thank you MacDaniel Reynolds! - Client

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with MacDaniel Reynolds for over 4 years now, and I consider Dan to be one of the nicest and most trustworthy people I know. The Reynolds Defense Firm cares for their clients more than any other law firm I’ve ever worked with, and it’s obvious that their business is built around serving their clients and treating them with the utmost care and respect. I highly recommend Dan and the team at the Reynolds Defense Firm. Portland Business Owner

Thank you very much for representing me, and for the results. - T.W. Client

MacDaniel and I were both prosecutors together and I know him to be an excellent trial lawyer. I recommend him to anyone needing a DUI defense lawyer. Portland Personal Injury Attorney

I would most highly recommend MacDaniel Reynolds as knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive. He helped me through an extraordinarily difficult time and for this I am most grateful. - R.K. Client

I didn’t expect you guys to be so nice. - Client

I hired MacDaniel Reynolds in March 2010 to assist me in dealing with a misdemeanor charge in Washington County, Oregon. Mr. Reynolds was not only an extremely knowledgeable attorney, but also an excellent ambassador into the judicial system. Legal proceedings can be very stressful, at best, but Mr. Reynolds enabled me to go on about my life while he dealt with the legal hassles. He was very detailed and was able to walk me through every step of the process without a hitch. The entire process let me to a couple of conclusions: 1) Do not try to navigate the legal system yourself as the expertise of an attorney will save you much time, stress, and money in the long run. 2) Do not hire any attorney; find an attorney who truly knows what they are doing. Mr. Reynolds definitely fits this bill. - Client

Throughout this whole ordeal you treated me with such dignity and respect. You were not judgmental at all. You gave me good advice and I felt like you really went to bat for me. I couldn't have picked a better person to represent me. Thank you! - M.R. Client

Dan Reynolds was my attorney after I did something foolish and illegal, my first time. I came to him out of the blue, not knowing anything about him at all. I was very soon put at ease by his manner and his obvious knowledge and expertise. I was entirely satisfied with the outcome of my case. Naturally, since he deals primarily with criminal matters, I hope I never see him again, but if I ever need someone again, it will be him and not someone else. - S.T. Client

I have never worked with a business with such a positive attitude. - Client

In the past six years I have had to use the services of MacDaniel Reynolds on two occasions. Mr. Reynolds professionalism and experience have been most valuable to me. Having to use the services of an attorney can often be frustrating and a trying time in a personal life. Mr. Reynolds represented me in a manner that repaired my situation in one instance and fought effectively to remove the erroneous charges against me in another. His actions and experience are directly responsible for my faith in the legal system and the importance of representation that a great attorney can provide. Mr. Reynolds exceeded my expectations and restored my faith in a system that often stifles the voice of ordinary people. I would highly recommend his services to any person needing representation. He is caring, truthful, and fair. - J.C. Client

I always felt very respected and like I mattered as an individual. I really enjoyed Dan sitting down to meeting with me and talk to me on a personal level before we began talking about my case. Also, I appreciate all the effort and time Josh put into my case to help me get to the best possible outcome. It was so helpful. I truly felt that all my needs were met during my entire process. I would absolutely recommend this firm and attorney to any family member or friend who found themselves in need of your services. - C.C Client

Josh made me feel worth the hard work your firm puts in. - Client

Words cannot express our gratitude. - C & N.B. Family of Client

My first meeting went well, no questions went unanswered. It took some weight off my shoulders meeting you and Dan. To know that a professional team is standing next to me with this gives me some piece of mind. I thank you for that. - B.R. Client

Thank you for all your hard work and support and great efforts in helping me resolve this matter. - S.C. Client

I endorse MacDaniel Reynolds. He has mastered Oregon criminal statutes, case law and administrative rules to ensure that defendants facing charges are afforded a complete defense. Portland Family Law Attorney

I’m so impressed with your team and grateful that I have you on my side - not just professionally, but personally as well. You have been so understanding and really great with communication. - M.H. Client

Thank you again for all your help on my son's case. I am glad to have met you. - D.U. Family of Client

I feel honored to have worked alongside a team of people so dedicated to helping people make a better life for themselves. - Client

RDF is meeting our expectations and we are glad we found you. You guys have all made us feel important and cared about. Thanks. - M.M. Client

I truly feel that I have made the right decision in contacting your firm. From what you have written, it sounds to me like the core of our firm is based upon integrity. I am an honest, hard-working, family man who made a mistake. One that I am honest and transparent about. A real man puts his wife and children first, I did not that night. I have already learned from this terrible mistake, and I want to move past this as quick, and as seamlessly as possible. - D.P. Client

There was absolutely not anything that could have been done better. I am confident, certain, and I trust I have the best representation out there. - W.S. Client

Thank you to all of the Reynolds Defense Firm staff who contributed to my case last year and helped keep this family as together as possible. I think you’re all rock stars. - T.G. Client

Every step RDF has taken with me has really helped me through this process. I want to give RDF recognition where it’s due! I just had my first court appearance with Mr. Morgan and he was so professional and really put me at ease, and I appreciate that. When I met with Dan a few days ago, they made me feel as comfortable as possible and were understanding of my questions and concerns. I couldn’t be more grateful for what you do. - P.P. Client

I feel so much better and so much more informed. - Client

Things have been going well with my legal team. Things have been communicated well and I am happy with how things are being handled. So far, RDF is meeting my expectations. Mainly because I am not sure what I need to expect, but I feel that I am being taken care of. - T.T. Client

It is a very hard process to go through, but I feel like I am in good hands. - S.W. Client

It made me cry knowing that I have such a great group of people who still care about my well-being even after my case has closed. I brag about Reynolds Defense Firm all the time, telling anyone if they ever get in trouble that I know the “best defense firm EVER” - L.T. Client

You actually help people that have made stupid mistakes. - Client

Being someone that I feel is detail oriented and who obviously was and is still very upset and distraught over this incident, I must tell you that my experiences with your firm in all manners of communications and procedures have been incredibly personable and professional. I do a lot of business and I just say that your firm and all those that I have been involved with are of the highest grade of professionalism and personality and character to date. You have covered all of the bases thus far and made me understand every step of the process while continually following up to make sure that I am totally familiar with the process and what is happening and what the next step is going to be.

Although the real game time is approaching to see what the final results are going to be, I cannot think of one tiny little element that you have left out and I want to also commend everyone there for the kind treatment and the confident treatment that helps tremendously on my end with dealing with all of the stress and anxiety connected with a situation like mine. Every step of the process has been positive to date and I have total faith that your firm will get me the best result that is possible for me. - C.O. Client

MacDaniel is professional, hardworking, and always puts his clients first. I have known him for a number of years and witnessed how hard he works for his clients. Portland Car Accidents Attorney

At Astrue and Associates, we love to work closely with Reynolds Defense Firm because we share their philosophy of taking care of good people who find themselves in a difficult situation. Business Owner, Astrue & Associates

From the initial conversation I had speaking with you, I knew I had called the right place. I could feel a true concern from you personally, as you asked me a little about the situation and myself. I was a wreck, and you were very understanding, caring, and truly concerned for my mindset. Upon ending our telephone conversation, I was already a tad more relaxed and informed. - Client

As soon as we left your office, my spouse and I both felt we had chosen the right people to represent us in our matter. The time taken was extremely informative and on a very personal level. We not only left feeling more educated, but we also left more comforted. We were treated like real people and not just case numbers or merely clients. Not only was the meeting with yourself pleasant, your staff were extremely cordial, understanding, and caring. - Client

While meeting with you and Mr. Reynolds we were provided with a map/timeline of everything entailed in a case like this. Not only what to expect to happen throughout the case was covered, but everything I needed to do. Having that time chart with me has been extremely helpful and settling on my nerves… - Client

A lead attorney was assigned and immediately followed up with me a day later as planned. Upon the phone conversation it was reinforced that we had chosen the right firm. Mr. Gibbs set up a meeting, and we discussed everything in greater detail. He was just as caring and sincere as we had hoped for. The wealth of knowledge, compassion and expertise shown right through the meeting. - Client

I am finding myself able to take control of my mind, while I know the rest of the legal matters are being taken care of to the letter. There was absolutely not anything that could have been done better. Truly a remarkable experience so far. I am confident, certain, and trust I have the best representation out there. Thank you again for everything, and helping me with this disheartening situation. - W.S. Client

Josh was a delight to meet this morning - his demeanor made me feel so well cared-for. - Client

Client Reviews
These are fantastic people! I was so nervous when I first came in, but they treated me like a human, not someone who had messed up in a major way. Throughout the process, they helped me understand all the steps and supported me both with the legal stuff, but also the personal stuff. J.M.
Reynolds Defense is amazing. From the minute they pick up the phone, the entire staff is outstanding. Don't bother shopping , wondering who to get, if they are going to help or hinder, do they even care. Reynolds Defense Firm will not disappoint. T.H.
When they tell you to let them worry about your legal issue and for you to take care of yourself they really do mean it. DUIs are no joke and I was assuming the worst. And they literally saved my life, my job my home and my license. B.O.
The firm knows what they're doing, treated me with dignity during a time where I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of what I was going to do. They helped me through my entire unpleasant experience by following up with me every step of the way, ensuring I was never left in the dark. E.S.
Take it from me and don't go it alone. If your feeling sick to your stomach you are not alone. From the very first phone call they will treat you like family and have your back the whole way. You wont have one but a team of lawyers. B.W.