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Please meet Zach Pedrazzi – the often entertaining & highly skilled attorney whose strengths lie in his ability to provide compassionate and personalized criminal defense for the good people who come to him for help, making him a solid member of RDF’s legal Team. His Immigration Law background gives him insights to the deeply human side of the law—a side that is often overlooked. His work as a public defender taught Zach to be unflappable in a courtroom, a strong trial attorney, and an effective negotiator, along with creating solid and invaluable relationships with prosecutors, judges and court staff.

Otherwise, Zach loves his wife, Becca, and their dog, Isa. They have four chickens, and a funny old house in the St. Johns neighborhood in Portland, OR. He is also expecting his first child. He knows when he meets him, he’ll love the little boy he is having too. Aside from cooking, Zach also loves being outside, green things, the ocean, reading books and watching movies. He has also confessed that the NBA is his soap opera.

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Zach grew up in Sebastopol, California, a small town near the coast. His parents were both public school teachers, and he appreciates that they are also very funny and ethical individuals. Similar to his parents, Zach strives to carry himself accordingly. He prides himself as the one who takes care of and protects his clients. He also sees a good attorney as someone who is making a meaningful difference—not only the lives of their clients, but also their communities. This is all while participating in a critical conversation with broader reaching values like access to equal justice, civic responsibility, and accountability.

Zach is a proud graduate from the University of Oregon, and he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 2003. He returned to Lewis & Clark law school, and eventually earned a prestigious award due to his extraordinary community service before graduating in 2013. From May 2010 through October 2011, Zach clerked for the Rose City Defense Consortium in Portland, Oregon, as a certified law student with fellow attorney, Richard Morgan. His career in public defense would continue for another six years after earning a license to practice law in both Oregon, and in Washington. Public defense work taught Zach to be unflappable in the face of a constantly changing work environment, and how to earn the trust of clients, prosecutors, judges, and court staff, without compromising his duty to fiercely advocate for the needs of those he represents. He believes strongly in the “justice” part of criminal justice, and he is at my best when his responsibilities are demanding and varied.

Between Zach’s work as a public defense attorney, and being hired at RDF, he operated a small law office in downtown Portland. His work consisted almost entirely of criminal defense, and immigration law, and the intersection between the two. Both areas of practice are dynamic and challenging, but also deeply human.

Additionally, as the former chair for the Environmental Justice Advocates law school group, Zach spent the last three years connecting law students to under-served communities and the local organizations that represent them. In particular, he volunteered with OPAL, a Portland-based environmental justice organization.

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

Oregon State Bar
Member Since: 2012

Washington State Bar
Member Since: 2015

Oregon Criminal Lawyers Association

Washington Defender Association

American Immigration Lawyers Association

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