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My name is MacDaniel Reynolds. My Portland, Oregon criminal defense firm is small, and we are dedicated exclusively to criminal defense work. We do one thing and we do it very well. We represent good people® who face DUI or other criminal charges.

My goal is to provide clients with the one-on-one legal help they need, to make sure their interests are completely represented within Oregon’s criminal justice system so that they can obtain the best possible result in their particular case. I have helped many clients who have gone through something similar to what you are going through, and I would be honored to help you as well.

If you have been accused of committing a crime, please be aware of one thing - logic is not the strong suit of our criminal justice system. Sometimes your common sense can steer you wrong – what seems minor can have huge legal implications, and sometimes the biggest problems can boil down to very little. If you have been arrested, or if you are under investigation, we can help you.

The law is the same regardless of whatever attorney you hire. But the results your attorney obtains for you can differ dramatically based upon how he (or she) handles your case. Each case carries unique features, and how your own situation turns out depends not only upon your attorney’s ability to understand the law, but upon his ability to understand how the entire criminal justice system works, so that he can use the unique facts and circumstances of your case in a way that will work to your advantage.

Your lawyer, if he is good, does not just have a solid knowledge of the law. He must possess the skills to negotiate, advocate, and argue. Under the American adversarial system, he must be able to perceive the weaknesses and strengths of the prosecution’s position, as well as yours. He must have worked to develop relationships with the law enforcement community and gained extensive experience working within the criminal justice system, so that he will have special insight into crafting the best strategy for success in your particular case. It is important for him to understand the procedures and practices that are distinct to the jurisdiction and court where your case is being prosecuted.

When you are confronted with an arrest for DUII, or other criminal conduct, you want to put your legal troubles into the hands of a lawyer who understands exactly what you are experiencing, and who will be committed to defending you. At the Reynolds Defense Firm, we are very good at what we do. We adhere to the fundamental principle of American justice that an accused is innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. We know how cases are prosecuted, and our job is to fight to protect your legal rights and freedoms.

A Commitment to Oregon Criminal Defense

Please take a look at the information on this website. I hope it will give you a feel for who I am, my philosophy of practicing law, and how deeply I am committed to helping my clients. At the same time, please realize that, if you need legal help in a criminal matter, the information on this site cannot provide you with the assistance you need. No website can give you adequate legal information and advice, because every case is different: the facts are different, the people involved are different, the law enforcement personnel are different, the courts, prosecutor, and judge are different.

So if you have been arrested or charged with a DUII, traffic charges, and/or any other crime, don’t spend your time trying to get the answers you need by surfing the web. If you have a question, just call me directly.

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I will not charge you a dime for our first telephone conversation, and I may be able to provide answers to the questions that most concern you. I can help you to understand the law, explain how it works, and provide you with the information you need to make an informed and wise decision on what your next step should be.

I know what you are going through. No matter how many “cop shows” or movies you have seen, nothing can prepare you for the reality of being charged with a crime. The threat of punishment; the anxiety over how the case might affect your life, your family, your friends; the fear of an uncertain future: all of these things can be nearly overwhelming. Television notwithstanding, ordinary citizens inexperienced with the grim reality of being put through the criminal justice system are simply not prepared for what they face, and they need a strong, competent legal advocate in their corner. The sooner you hire an attorney to act on your behalf, the sooner you can start sleeping at night.

If you or someone you care about needs legal help in a criminal matter in Portland or in the surrounding communities, do not wait too long without knowing what you can do to help yourself. The sooner you hire an attorney to represent you, the more effectively you will be able to protect your rights and start developing a case strategy that will earn positive results.

Your future and your freedom are too important to let yourself get put into a corner. Do not pass up the opportunity to give me a call and ask me how I may be able to help you. I hope our conversation will lead to your decision to retain my professional services, but, even if it does not, I can at least help you understand your situation and your options better. You can use the online form to contact me, or call me at (503) 223-3422. Let me take some of the mystery and fear out of your predicament and help you to regain some control over your future.

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