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DMV Hearings

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Oregon, you were probably asked to take a breath test. If you refused the test or blew .08% or above, then the officer who arrested you has submitted paperwork to the DMV for your driver’s license to be suspended. The suspension can be for anywhere between 90 days to three years – depending on your prior driving record and other circumstances.

The only way to prevent a suspension is to request and win a DMV administrative hearing. Our attorneys at Reynolds Defense Firm know that your license is vital for you to continue driving to work, to school, and to other commitments that are important to you. The deadline for requesting the hearing is 5pm on the 10th day from your arrest and the DMV requires that the request be in writing.

Reynolds Defense Firm can request the hearing for you. We can be sure that we get the hearing scheduled on time, as well as make sure that the scheduled date works for you. There is no downside to requesting a hearing; you will not be penalized or increase the length of your suspension if you request a hearing. Even if you lose the hearing, your suspension period does not change.

An administrative law judge oversees the hearing and the officer(s) present the night of your arrest testify under oath. Your attendance at this hearing is not mandatory and your Reynolds Defense Firm attorney can appear on your behalf. Your attorney will strategize with you if that is the preferred decision for the best possible outcome.

The hearing is a great opportunity for your attorney to find out the strengths and weakness of your case because the officer will answer questions about the police report under oath and your Reynolds Defense Firm attorney will be able to challenge any inconsistencies and clarify the case that the state will present to a jury if you decide to have a trial. It may not be clear in the police report if the officer did everything required by law regarding the administration of the breath test, so it is important that you take advantage of this opportunity to keep your driver’s license. Our DUI attorneys will confidently represent you at this hearing in order to minimize the negative impact on your ability to drive in Oregon.

There are many attorneys who will represent you at a DMV hearing, what Reynolds Defense Firm provides that is different from most of them is our team approach. Our attorneys meet on a weekly basis to discuss their cases and work together to come up with the best approach to your case. When you hire one of us, you get all of us. You have the benefit of many sets of eyes looking at your case – we have attorneys who approach the facts with experience from both the side of the Prosecutor and the Defense Attorney. Your driver’s license if important to you – our team approach gives you the best opportunity to retain it.

If we have already requested a hearing for you, please visit our Client Resources page for information on where to go for your hearing

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