What People Are Saying About Us

We’re dedicated to helping good people who have been arrested for DUI or other criminal charges. Our clients love us. Other attorneys respect us. Community professionals recognize us as an authority in this area. But, don’t take out word for it – see what they have to say for yourself. Please keep in mind that each case is different and because of that the outcomes that we achieved for one client may not be the same as another.

At first I was hesitant about hiring the Reynolds team. I was living in another state and my DUI case was old. I was reassured by Kami and Alysa that they would help me, because...that's what they do…DUI's. Well, they weren't lying because now my fines are paid with no run-around bs, or red tape. Within a week I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your professional team work. L.L., Client

I can't thank you enough for all your help and replies from emails and all the information you provided… Again, thank you and the team for everything… A.T., Client

I know DUIs are bad, but this is the best things that has happened to me in a long time [completing the Window of Clarity Program] J.R., Client

Professional and responsive. P.T., Client

We feel so much better after talking with you guys! We had a phone meeting with an attorney from Salem this morning that definitely left us both feeling even more stressed, overwhelmed, and no wiser than we were before the conversation! I'm sure he is a great guy, and your prices are comparable to his, but we honestly didn't even have to finish the call with you to know that we felt really good about you guys handling our case!
J.R., Client

You guys are giving me great peace of mind and kicking ass! E.V., Client

Court went really well. I’m really glad I had Kami as my attorney through all this. J.B., Client

You have been wonderful throughout this entire process, thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. M.D., Client

You and your team were so helpful through this process. T.J., Client

Thank you so much for all of your support. You guys are really great to work with. J.T., Client

In trouble? Need help? The Reynolds Defense Firm is the legal team you are looking for. I was hesitant on trusting a lawyer again due to a previous experience, but the Reynolds team went above and beyond any expectations. From the very first phone call, I felt a tremendous amount of stress lifted off me. The firm was with me every step of the legal process. My lawyer--Doug Green--was relatable, accessible, and generous with his time. If you are on the fence about getting a lawyer, don't be. I put my trust in them during one of the most uncertain times in my life and they gave me a reason to trust again. I will say with 100% certainty that the Reynolds team is who you want on your side.
J.T., Client

Hands down the greatest experience I have had with a law firm. They went above and beyond what was expected, helped with questions regarding other aspects relating to my case and offered extraneous support with the stress associated with legal problems. Every time I spoke with anyone in the law firm I got a genuine feeling that they cared and wanted to help; not just with my case but to help me get into a better place mentally while dealing with the stress of being involved with legal troubles. 10 out of 10 stars! K.G., Client

100% would recommend this firm to anyone. I feel like I am in good hands. And no matter what happens I got a great team to help me. T.S., Client

100% would recommend this firm to anyone. They are always there when I need them. Whenever I have an issue or just a question they are just a phone call away. I feel good knowing they are on my side with this. T.D., Client

The Reynolds Defense team is THE BEST around! If you find yourself in the kind of a situation you hadn't thought you'd find yourself in, give them a call! They reassure you immediately and handle everything with the upmost care and attention. They are a lifesaver! So thankful they exist. G.S., Client

When I called Reynolds defense firm I got the privilege to speak to Mr Reynolds, we had a great conversation before we decided to work together, so far the firm is more than I expected people are great very friendly I will leave more comments as we progress. C.C., Client

Thank all of you for the great attention to detail and the excellent service. Thanks all for the professional courtesy. I Fully appreciated the help. C.C., Client

To be honest, I recognized the firm because of the slogan "we represent good people". I was represented by Mr. Reynolds, himself. The first time I spoke on the phone, he specifically said something along those lines to me….I would love to just thank him for helping me back then. Without his help, my life wouldn't' be the same today.
B.H.., Client

Thank you always for your assistance. I appreciate you, Ken, and your team for helping me out this year and for setting me up to have a remarkable next year, in the most positive of ways. This year has been a wild one for us all, so I thank you all for the help and sacrifices you all had to make in response to me. N.A., Client

You folks have been absolutely amazing. Can't thank you enough for the work you've done. You made me feel supported and in the loop throughout the whole process. Rare these days to get such outstanding customer service! I've told everyone that if they ever find themselves or someone they know in this situation that they must work with your firm. Keep up the terrific work!. C.M., Client

Thank you so much for this news and care you and your firm has showed to me through this process. It was a painful and very hard lesson in my life but through this I have definitely become humbled and stronger as a person. I hope to provide assistance to someone else someday. M.S., Client

Thank you for your follow up. I wish you and the RDF team all the best. You all have helped me through a very challenging time. I appreciate you all! S.B., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm is team of professionals. J.H., Client

I want to thank you for your professionalism and help to me during this stressful time…..the fact that you believed me and believed IN me meant so much. D.S., Client

God bless all of you. I couldn't have made it this far without your help, guidance and support. I celebrated 6 months sober January 26th. I am now secretary at the Timberline AA meeting Thursday night at 6pm....exciting to see what the future holds. A.E., Client

Honest and hardworking. The team at Reynolds Defense provides great customer service. Thank you! J.A., Client

If you are in need of a good DUI lawyer you’re in the right place. Daniel Fan and his team were able to get my case dismissed in a court of law in a professional and timely manner. Reynolds defense firm helped me and my family through a tough time in our lives with straightforward answers and options I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for us. Once again if you’re in need of a good DUI lawyer I suggest that you Highly consider Reynolds defense firm.
M.I., Client

You all are doing a great job and I’m glad I picked your law firm for the legal help. J.B., Client

I admit it is very vexing dealing with the known and unknowns of my predicament but having your team at my side helps me sleep at night. Thank you guys. S.E., Client

Everyone at this firm has been awesome! I always felt like I was priority. All of my questions were answered so that I understood them clearly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them! Thank you C.C., Client

(The BBP Coach) is terrific and all your people are wonderful. R.F., Client

I feel different than I did when I started the program (BBP). I feel more open to the concept of what really happened. Before the program, I was closed off and thought I screwed up and that there was nothing I could do about it. Now I feel I can fix this, and won’t let it break me or define me. I’m going to prove that I can learn from my mistake, deal with the consequences, and still have a good life. C.R., Client

I just can't believe how great you [RDF as a firm] are. I was just scrolling the internet, scared, didn't know what to do, then I got a call from your place - I told the lady on the phone that I didn't know what to do, and that lady on the phone, she told me 'you just listen to what we have to say and then you can make a decision.' When I was done talking with that lady, I was sold - no pressure, it just felt comfortable. Then I got on your website and couldn't believe that you represent good people! I've always viewed myself as a good guy, coached little league, always tried to do my best, just made a mistake. After I read your website, I know I'm at the right place.
M.O., Client

[Thanks to BBP] I’m on the track now, that I will be ok. It didn’t feel like that was possible in the beginning. E.M., Client

This is a much better experience than I could have ever imagined. My legal team is making this DUI actually a positive and inspiring time in my life. E.S., Client

We cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us. Without your assistance, I don't think my career and life would have been stable for a while. A.A., Client

I can’t say enough positive things about my court date experience and how comfortable I was made to feel. J.P., Client

The firm knows what they're doing, treated me with dignity during a time where I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of what I was going to do. They helped me through my entire unpleasant experience by following up with me every step of the way, ensuring I was never left in the dark. Recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves, for unfortunate reasons, on the wrong side of the law.
Recent Client

I should note that I am extremely grateful for the excellent work your legal team has done for me: special thanks to you and all of the fine folks at RDF! P.L., Client

Thank you very much for all your help throughout this process, I appreciate all that you've done. G.R., Client

I am feeling very supported during this case so far. Kami has explained everything well…..I am participating in the Blue Binder Project and it is helping me to take time to get in touch with my feelings about all this. M.G., Client

Your firm gives me hope and a slight feeling of being human again not just a big hopeless pile of crap! R.O., Client

I am very pleased with how Michelle handled my case. She has been very nice and personable, as well as intelligent and diligent. There was naturally a lot of stress through this process for me, but Michelle helped me to feel like I really have a team behind me backing me up. J.T., Client

Friendly staff! D.M., Client

Your firm has been great. Communication is perfect & detailed. I absolutely would recommend you to anyone. Can’t think of anything to do differently, in fact the Blue Binder Project is something most other attorneys don’t have & is definitely a great tool for people who’ve never been through any type recovery program or have a clue about AA programs as well as a refresher for those of us that have.
P.P., Client

Everything is going great. The legal team has been wonderful to work with and they've explained everything to me. It all makes sense and all things considered, I'm fairly calm. I don't know if they could do any better than they are.im very pleased and will recommend the firm to anyone who will listen. D.S., Client

This team of attorneys helped me through a lot of legal issues I would of had a hard time handling myself, money well spent! R.H., Client

I highly recommend Reynolds defense Firm. And would recommend Reynolds Defense Firm to my friends and family. I thankful to Richard Morgan, my attorney, and the entire team including Mr. Reynolds, Susan and Destiny. J.G., Client

Friendly staff! D.M., Client

My interaction with the team has been good and helpful. I appreciate you all working on my case. S.C., Client

Reynolds Defense was recommended to me by a friend. They exceeded my expectations during this hardship in my life. Reynolds Defense was non-judgmental, and everyone in the firm was kind and understanding, reassuring me that this did not define who I am. They really do represent good people. Recent Client

Just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work on my behalf & for fighting for my creditability today. I know it wasn’t the ultimate outcome I wanted but at least you had prepared me for what it ended up being. I know I am strong enough to get through this. I appreciate all the time & effort you & your team put in, I’m truly grateful. Especially for the BBP, it essentially provided me with more positive tools I will use going forward in life.
S.L., Client

My first phone conversations w/your firm went very well. Information was direct, to the point, thorough & made me feel much better about things, even though we don’t have all the statements from witnesses to the accident yet. I have spoken w/the attorney on my case as well as Mr. Reynolds about the Blue Binder Project which I am going to participate in. I had read a little on it prior to his call & sounded like something That could be a useful tool just as AA/NA tools have been throughout my life the past 30 yrs. P.P., Client

Is been very hard for me to confront life but having the help and assurance from this firm has been easier, I really appreciate the help they provide.

R.C., Client

I have hired Reynolds Defense Firm for DUI and PCS case. The people in the firm are extremely helpful and supportive. When I hired the firm, my case was given to a very capable lawyer within the firm. My interaction with Dan so far has been limited to one phone call at the beginning when I hired the firm. Based on that interaction I can sincerely tell that Dan really cares about his clients, is very supportive and I decided to join Blue Binder Project (BBP) that the firm has developed and curriculum set by Dan. BBP has tremendously helped me and given me the tools to not handle the stress/anxiety that comes with criminal arrest but also to become a better person overall. B.J., Client

Thank you so much for all of your support! I really appreciate all of you that I have spoken with and am very grateful to have you. Things are going well at the moment and just taking it one day at a time. A.M., Client

I'm glad I hired Reynolds Defense Firm. Everyone is nice and friendly. They do what they say, they don't make false promises, they treat you as a family, very supportive and professional. Special thanks to Doug Green and Debbie Cochran. If you're seeking for a good defense firm go to Reynolds Defense, you won’t be disappointed. O.T., Client

This [arrest] the most horrible experience we had ever faced. The people at Reynolds constantly checked on me to make sure I was ok, which is so unheard of. They either emailed or called me weekly and made sure our lawyer got all our messages and questions answered. Michelle was the most kind person. She listened patiently to me as I cried and ranted and took the time to answer every question we had. I can’t say enough nice things about every person I dealt with.” – L.H., Client

They were impeccable PERIOD! They walked me through every detail and were able to get my DUI removed. Partly because I was not driving at the time but still they were very nice and Doug was great as well. I highly recommend Reynolds, I can't say enough about they way they handled everything. PROS! – M.D., Client

I really appreciate how Reynolds Defense Firm treated me with the utmost respect and compassion, especially Josh Gibbs and Destiny Van Rooy. They have established a new benchmark for professionalism in my mind, and deserve to be commended for going above and beyond simple due diligence for the clientele. If you are seeking aid from a firm that truly takes the time and effort to serve their customers in a meaningful way that leaves them feeling appreciated, (even after all is said and done,) then look no further than Reynolds Defense Firm. When it comes to most businesses I've encountered, after you're done with their services you generally leave without a second thought of reengaging. However after experiencing this level of care, I hope to keep in touch with them going forward to share in my continued success. – J.C., Client

I couldn't have asked for better representation by you and the entire team at Reynolds Defense Firm. Your generosity of compassion and guidance is valued and appreciated. – W.B., Client

Communication between me and my legal team has been very clear and helpful. I never feel like I'm bothering anyone when I call. The process so far has been explained well. I like that we are taking it a step at a time because I would be more overwhelmed if I had info about the next 90 days! I really liked talking with Mark. He helped me see the human side of what I've done. I think it really brought home to me that with all the very stressful and difficult things that have happened to my kids in the last year, I have been so focused on them that I'm not taking care of myself. I'm running on empty! You have been very warm, very helpful, and super! – E.G., Client

I have been covered every step of the way. If I knew someone in this situation, I would recommend if they had the finances for it. I have received plenty of contact and I feel at ease. – M.M., Client

Your team has made me feel better prepared, and ready to take the next steps that come after today. I am very nervous as this is a weird time for me, and personally something I never thought I’d be facing. I want to say thank you for being here for me and thank you for representing me. – J.S., Client

I've been very pleased with my communication with everyone at RDF. Michelle clearly explained the process to me. All members of the team have impressed me with their friendly, courteous and professional manner. – S.E., Client

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for having [Michelle] as my representative. Your knowledge, articulation, experience really shined today, and throughout this whole experience. You ARE the epitome of professionalism. I would also like to thank everyone that participated in helping, Athena, Ami, and everyone at Reynold's Defense Firm. But [Michelle], I cannot thank enough!! – A.A., Client

I appreciate the time you took on the phone to explain everything. Also, the extreme timeliness for getting the case map to me. If I should have any question or concerns I will most definitely reach out, you and the firm have made it very welcoming for such a stupid mistake. – J.S., Client

I feel like the DUI was a blessing in disguise. Partly because I lost my job over it, and, although it took almost 6 months to find a new one, I now have a job that is better in every way and only now realize that my old job sucked. Nothing would have made me quit, though. – K.I., Client

I had my first good night of sleep after talking to Liz and Emily yesterday. The staff is very very kind, very very nurturing, very very understanding. Emily gave me a bright light after hanging up. – P.F., Client

Fantastic Attorney! Very knowledgeable and personable! Michelle represented me in a DUI case and she made me feel very comfortable, at ease, and made a scary process much more comfortable. – E.W., Client Review on AVVO

Very knowledgeable and a great legal mind. I’m very happy I hired Reynolds Defense Firm to represent me. – E.W., Client

The Blue Binder Project was very beneficial to me. At a time of crisis in my life, BBP taught me to look at the positive sides of things, including my inner self. I strongly recommend anyone facing a DUII to participate in the program and turn a negative issue into a positive, life changing experience. – M.N., client review on google

The communication has been good between me and the legal team. They keep me in the loop about what is going on and so far I have been updated with the necessary information. The process of my case was explained to me in a way that I understood it. If I had any questions, they were answered thoughtfully. Just the overall experience has been impressive as the feedback and communication has been good. – T.T., Client

Thank you and all of RDF so much! I appreciate all of the help provided to get me through this. I couldn’t have imagine how this would’ve been handled without you guys. Thanks again and god bless! – P.V., Client

Communication has been good. I am anxious waiting for what is to come next, process has been explained nicely. Doug was impressive on the phone and was very transparent. Emma and Emily have also been a pleasure to speak to. – M.M., Client

My meeting went very well as I was given an update on where the case was at, what the possible next steps will be, and how the road map of the whole case will go. This is very helpful and much needed for someone who has not been a part of this type of thing before. I can say that the call definitely helped put me at ease as it is nice to hear that a whole team has my back here to ensure that I am not only legally supported, but supported on the human side of things. – M.M., client

Just a small token of appreciation for helping me wade through this legal process.  I sincerely appreciate the assistance you have provided. – T.C., Client

Thank you to your firm for the help with this issue. I will recommend your office if someone has a need for it. – L.P., Client

Great news! Thank you so much for all your help through this! Please send my regards to Richard, I probably wouldn’t have got through it without him. – C.K., Client

Well I talked to Liz yesterday and I’m finally done with the courts! So very happy about that! It is definitely a stress reliever! Especially since I have been complying with the courts orders every step of the way. I appreciate your time, and just conversing because you/Reynolds’s is a great team to talk to. You’ve all been so very helpful and kind. Thank you! – J.R., Client

I can tell you that everyone at the firm has been wonderful and welcoming.  It is a stressful time but everyone I have talked to has been very helpful. – P.G., Client