What People Are Saying About Us

We’re dedicated to helping good people who have been arrested for DUI or other criminal charges. Our clients love us. Other attorneys respect us. Community professionals recognize us as an authority in this area. But, don’t take out word for it – see what they have to say for yourself. Please keep in mind that each case is different and because of that the outcomes that we achieved for one client may not be the same as another.

I've never had a lawyer call me so much and keep me informed about my case. I've never been in much trouble but when my altercation and Dui arrest happened, it was the first time I had been in any real trouble but as soon as I talked to Reynolds Law Firm my stress level went down. I was so worried about what was going to happen to me, jail time, suspended license, classes to attend, probation, and worst of all the monetary value that was to burden me and my family, Reynolds put all of that aside and eased my pain and stress levels tremendously. I am very grateful for Reynolds Law Firm and my Lawyer Kyle 🙏 is heaven sent. So easy to talk to. Reynolds is just an all-around A+ Law firm.
R.S., Client

Thorough and affordable specialists in there department. Looking forward to freedom with end results. Highly appreciated. K.D., Client

Wow! What an unbelievable experience! I went from a pit of despair, not knowing what to expect, to complete confidence, all thanks to Reynolds Defense Firm! I was contacted by multiple employees to ease my anxiety. I CANNOT thank you enough J.E., Client

Amazing firm, I highly recommend them if you want the best legal defense, a team that will give your case the time it needs, and a very helpful staff that is extremely friendly that provides responses in a timely manner.
N.D.., Client

Thank you so much for all your advice and wisdom in dealing with my charges! I appreciate it greatly! You are a great firm and have been such a help! H.A., Client

Thank you so much for your kindness over the past few days. Your knowledge and care has been a much-appreciated blessing. S.C., Client

I really appreciate your help. You’ve all been so great to work with!
J.N., Client

They immediately made me feel at ease and as if my case really mattered. Still awaiting the outcome of my case, but I feel a lot better having them on my side. A.D., Client

I am pleased with the help I am getting from Reynolds Law Firm. M.C., Client

This law firm has been amazing, helping me out every step of the way to understand what is going on I would recommend them to anybody and everybody. C.E., Client

I’ve had a very positive experience with everyone I have spoken to thus far. All were kind, understanding, helpful and most of all nonjudgmental. D.S., Client

Kyle and Amy are absolutely amazing. It was my second DUI, and their assistance led to the dismissal of the case without the need for a trial. They definitely aim for the best results for the client without making things more complicated. They're not only professionals but also really nice people. I hope I don't need their services again, but if I do, they'll be my first choice for sure.

J.L., Client

So far, so good. Super helpful and as advertised. J.S., Client

Reynolds has been nothing but attentive and professional and helpful with my pending case and I am sure I will be happy with the outcome!! C.W., Client

Thank you for defending me! L.W., Client

Everyone that I have interacted with has genuinely cared and has wanted to assist me through this process. I highly recommend using the Reynold’s Law Firm! B.W., Client

Thank you again for your representation… it was nice getting to know you. J.A., Client

They couldn't help us with what we needed but were very kind offered drinks and were concerned about are feelings and even though they couldn't help much they gave us address and numbers of other places to try and still listened to what we were concerned about. Thank you for caring - will recommended in future!

S.F., Client

They definitely know what they are doing, they go beyond for you in every aspect of your case!!! D.S., Client

Right from the start the people at Reynolds made me feel good about my decision to work with them on my case. They also eased my mind somewhat regarding my case. It isn't over but so far so good on everything. I'll update after the case is decided. R.Y., Client

I’m not completely through with the process, but so far I’ve been kept up to date & had my questions/concerns answered in a very knowledgeable & compassionate manner. I’m so glad I retained RDF! L.R., Client

Reynolds Defense has been very attentive to my case. Thank you. A.A., Client

This is my first-time using Reynolds Defense Firm along with being charged with a DUI. From the initial call with Carolyn, to my weekly check-ins with Sasha and Destiny, I have been at complete ease. And especially after speaking with Craig Hopkins, the attorney I was assigned to my case. It was apparent he offers a lot with so much experience. After speaking with Craig Hopkins my stress and anxiety has nearly passed. Thank you in advance.

A.V. Client

The team at Reynolds Defense Firm has been amazing so far since the beginning of this ordeal. I am still at the beginning of my case but feel like I am in good hands. Thanks so much guys! A.R., Client

Thank you for all your time and attention. I really appreciate how everything turned out and that I never once felt judged by you. Keep up the amazing work, helping those of us in need. B.J., Client

I just want to thank you for everything! I was thinking about you, so I wanted to reach out and just say thank you, again, and how much I appreciate all your hard work for me! J.B., Client

I’ve been an extremely anxious, emotional basket case to the point of being hysterical…I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for all your efforts in helping me. You were just incredible in helping to calm my frazzled nerves! J.G., Client

I’ve been an I feel compelled to [share this]. Your website has brought comfort and clarity to me regarding my son and his recent DUI arrest. It is apparent that you truly do care about your clients based on the depth and quality of information on your web site. The FAQ videos are very informative. Knowledge is power. Acquiring knowledge reduces our feelings of helplessness…From an internet search, I found several law firms. I spoke with three and reached out to your firm last. I am very impressed. When I called yesterday afternoon, Kelsey answered the phone and after a brief discussion of our situation, she was able to set up an appointment within a couple of hours with Jen, the client intake specialist. Jen is very professional, competent, articulate, and calm! It’s refreshing to find competent, positive individuals!

J.K. Client

Reynolds Defense Firm has been working actively on my case and in my favor ever since I contacted them. The team is on top of everything. Not sure what I would have done without their representation! They are the best I have worked with in a long time! I suggest contacting them for issues that may be out of your control. Reynolds Defense Firm will help you when others may not! Thanks to all involved! Aaron. A.H., Client

Very efficient, helpful, and professional! R.S., Client

I have to tell everyone that my experience with Reynolds defense firm was great from start to finish. I got a diversion program and completed it. What surprised me when they kept in touch with me and let me know when it was done 8mos later!!! great people helping good people.5stars recommend to anyone that needs help. D.E., Client

Very professional, caring and educated firm. Truly appreciative of their help. B.L., Client

They’ve helped me feel reassured in the process and have been super quick to help me with everything I need! One time flat fee for awesome service!

Even months later I needed assistance getting permission to travel and they helped me get approved in less than an hour! They also reached out to me with any classes that I needed to complete so they could send the court the certificates! Makes this whole process a lot easier! Thanks Craig and Chris for being amazing!

M.L., Client

The team at Reynolds Defense Firm has been amazing so far since the beginning of this ordeal. I am still at the beginning of my case but feel like I am in good hands. Thanks so much guys!. A.R., Client

They were very easy to talk to, on time with scheduled call backs. R.B., Client

I’m treating more than just a client. As person, helping the people. I appreciate them so much. Checking up on me through out the week my mind is at ease knowing I’m in good hands. R.M., Client

Everyone I've been in contact with (Carolyn, Jen, Madeline, Anthony) has been wonderful and helpful. They are gentle and truly just very kind and understanding. Everyone is informative and willing to explain anything I've had trouble grasping. I feel very relieved knowing they're defending me. M.J., Client

Professional, experienced and friendly. A.A., Client

Everyone on their team here was extremely nice, and nonjudgmental. I know I made a bad choice and they were there to calm my nerves and get me through this stressful time. I appreciate all the time they spent with me to get me the best outcome I could.

H.S., Client

You guys were amazing! Honestly, I hope I never have to speak with you guys again [ha!], but I’d definitely recommend you! Thank you so much!! S.M., Client

You were very informative and kind during an extremely stressful point in my life. B.F., Client

10/10 across the board – first rate! I am grateful that you are supportive and that you have an ‘onward and upward’ mentality for people who are already down about many things. K.I., Client

You guys’ rock! I’m so grateful I hired you guys. N.J., Client

Hiring Reynolds and doing the Window of Clarity program was a divine intervention. My life feels more energized and more worthwhile. H.S., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm has been working actively on my case and in my favor ever since I contacted them. The team is on top of everything. Not sure what I would have done without their representation! They are the best I have worked with in a long time! I suggest contacting them for issues that may be out of your control. Reynolds Defense Firm will help you when others may not! Thanks to all involved!

A.H., Client

[RDF] was very informative and kind during an extremely stressful point in my life. B.F., Client

Everyone at the firm that I talked to were super nice, helpful and accommodating! I'm very happy with my decision to hire them!! J.M., Client

I enjoy that you are representing me in this case. Thank you so much. You guys are great and gave me the confidence that we are going to win the case and I appreciate that. C.L., Client

They’ve been a great help! C.C., Client

The team has been amazing with helping me with my case so far! N.J., Client

I got a DUI on a Friday, and court was Monday. I called and spoke to two people Natalie, and then Carolyn on the weekend. They directed me to my Team, and were so compassionate and friendly. They definitely put my mind at ease, especially navigating next steps since I’d never been through this before. I give them a 10/10, I’m SO happy I chose them! J.P., Client

I’m new to this and very nervous and they have eased that nervousness as much as I feel they could be expected to. They call me when they say they’re going to, and they’ve walked me through things up to this point in my case. And they’ve outlined what I could expect going forward which helps me mentally be at ease. And the Window of Clarity has been a great resource so far.

D.H., Client

Anthony went above and beyond in understanding the details of my case. As things unfolded, he clearly understood the complexities and was able to properly present our case to get a good result. Would highly recommend him to anyone in need. R.A., Client

I was recommended Reynolds Defense Firm from a friend of mine and I now understand why! They have been nothing but good to me all the way around. I hired them on literally a DAY before my paperwork needed to be filed for my DMV hearing and they worked fast to get that done last minute. The whole team works together and is super responsive and quick to get me any updates on the case. Wouldn't want to be doing this without them!! J.B., Client

Very nice and caring group! Happy to have them!! J.L., Client

Working with Craig and Chris has been amazing. They’re on top of keeping me updated every step of the way and getting back to me quickly whenever I have any questions. I highly recommend Reynold’s to anyone that has gotten themselves into a similar position J.H., Client

It's good. They are nice. M.S., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm has been working actively on my case and in my favor ever since I contacted them. The team is on top of everything. Not sure what I would have done without their representation! They are the best I have worked with in a long time! I suggest contacting them for issues that may be out of your control. Reynolds Defense Firm will help you when others may not! Thanks to all involved! A.H., Client

Thank you for taking care of my case so I can focus on my treatment. K.E., Client

I never lost my sanity during this process and [RDF] is a big part of that. D.J., Client

Thank you for the weight off my back. This has been the most stressful thing I’ve dealt with in the last few years so everything you guys have done sand said so far has helped me tremendously and I can’t thank you enough.

I.P., Client

The team is easy to talk to and helpful with making sure all my questions are answered. T.C., Client

They’ve helped me feel reassured in the process and have been super quick to help me with everything I need! M.L., Client

Your team is awesome, thank you for everything you have done for me, I really appreciate your support and kindness God bless you!!!

J.B., Client

I give them 5 stars. J.C., Client

Extremely satisfied. J.H., Client

So far my experience with this firm has been so good. Very kind and reassuring in a very difficult situation. V.N., Client

Each member of the Reynolds Defense Firm that I have interacted with has been kind and informative. They care about your case as well as your wellbeing. R.H., Client

I would definitely recommend RDF, Anthony is extremely knowledgeable and got me absolutely the best deal possible. Staff was also great, pleasant to deal with and helpful.

B.M., Client

Thanks so much for your legal assistance and kindness you've shown us during this very trying time in our lives. Looking forward to possible closure in the New Year and lessons learned. We so appreciate all you've done for us! You Rock!!!!. B.P., Client

I appreciate you and all your help getting me through this. Everything has been very smooth with my legal team. L.B., Client

I would recommend them to everyone with DUI’s charges but that not all they good at. I felt at ease knowing I’m I mc good hands. They’ll take care of you. It a great group of attorneys and they’re very nice. They will accommodate you and your needs. I’m glad I chose Reynolds’s defense to help me with my DUI charge.

V.L., Client

You are some of the most compassionate people I've ever met. People calling just to check in on me is incredible. C.F., Client

It’s going to be a long road for me, but I feel comforted that your team will make my situation less stressful, and for that I thank you. B.P., Client

The people are rated CPP! Competent, Professional, and Pleasant. D.W., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm helped me out in a situation where I was obviously caught caught for a DUI but was facing more serious issues through work and at home. When they say they care they do. The helped me through the legal process but also helped me out in a life sense. Got me sober, got my charges reduced to where I am not a felon and really helped me get my family and job back in a matter of six months. I owe them more than I can thank them for. I will consider them friends and will continue to refer anyone else who has faced the difficulties of a DUI. They care and I owe them big. Thanks

M.L., Client

I truly want to thank you for everything, you and your team are really great at what you do. I appreciate so much the work and dedication you showed to my case. Definitely have learned so many valuable lessons from this unfortunate experience and I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have your expertise and help.

J.C., Client

I REALLY appreciate you going above and beyond. Way above and beyond….You have been a delight to work with. A.F., Client

Thank you for all your help with my case this past few months! It's been great working with you…You all have kept me sane during this process and eased many of my concerns. K.G., Client

In 2019, my then 18-year old daughter got a DUI. She and I were living in different cities at the time and I remember feeling extremely anxious and overwhelmed about the prospect of trying to navigate the situation. The first call to Reynolds Defense Firm provided an immense amount of relief, and having the process and the cost clearly laid out up front let me know that we could put our trust in this firm. Everyone who worked with my daughter was exceedingly kind and respectful, while also being honest and straightforward with her about the potential outcomes. My daughter and I never felt alone in the process and that made all the difference!

S.M., Client

This is a top-notch defense firm that really knows their way around the courts. They take awesome care of clients that have been through a tough situation. McDaniel and team have deep relationships in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties. A.R., Client

They exceeded expectations and ensured the best possible outcomes for me. I really felt supported and wouldn’t even consider another DUI lawyer if a friend or family member asked my advice. Thank you! J.M., Client

I was represented by an attorney from Renolds Defense Firm after receiving a DUI at a young age. They helped me tremendously and helped me to understand all of my rights and my options and because of that I was able to successfully complete diversion and avoid a conviction. They constantly reached out to me to see how I was doing/answer any of my questions. They had a very good line of communication. I appreciate all that they did and because of them, my mistake does not impact my life today.

S.M., Client

I am a busy person who has better things to do than deal with legal bureaucracy. I hired Reynolds Defense Firm to deal with it for me. The support staff gathered my information and answered my questions…When I spoke with my attorney, I appreciated that he didn’t waste my time with anything but the essentials. I had a team taking care of my legal matters, so I could focus on the rest of my life.

B.B., Client

Personable service and extremely kind hearted people that care about me as a person and not just the case. C.K., Client

Communication is amazing they are on top of everything it was nice not having to worry about anything knowing that they would have everything taken care of. J.H., Client

Thank you to [the team] and Donald for all the help with my case over the last few months, I really appreciate it so very much. G.M., Client

I was very happy with the results from Reynolds Defense firm. They were very professional. They handled all the delays from the court during the pandemic well. After finally getting my day at trial; the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty in less than 20 minutes. Couldn’t be more pleased! K.W., Client

Very caring people that want the best for you. They check in with you at least once a week. Have not completed my case with Reynolds’s defense firm yet but I am happy to have the right people for the job.

D.D., Client

Very professional. U.P., Client

The Reynolds Defense Firm has been fantastic to work with and do an outstanding job of communicating and do their absolute best for my situation. I appreciate all of what they do. C.P., Client

Reynolds. Your team is the best. I will recommend with no question. T.H., Client

I am very appreciative of my attorney, Kami, and all she's done for me. G.H., Client

Thank you so much for all your diligent work that was put into my case! And representing me so well! I am completely satisfied with Reynolds Defense Firm!! Lesson most definitely learned, and I will highly recommend you guys if the need arises. Thank you again and God Bless!!

D.M., Client

I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. Not just the preparation [for court], but especially in front of the judge. It meant a lot. S.H., Client

[RDF] has been great to work with. Everyone is very helpful and great. A.M., Client

Everyone else made the process sound scary and they were not empathetic. We chose RDF, in part, because of the empathy you have. T.J., Client

I cannot express my gratitude enough for everything your team has done for me. I will surely reach out if I am ever in need of your services. Let’s hope I don’t, but it sure is a good feeling to know I have good people to reach out to.

C.H., Client

Thank you again, to the whole Reynolds team, for your time and dedication to my case. I could not have done it without you all, and your diligent work! M.R., Client

Thank you for being honest and realistic about the turn-around time on [my case]. A.S., Client

Competent and compassionate attorney when you need it most!

Reynolds Defense Firm, attorney Anthony Li, has proved by their actions and handling of the case that they are not only extremely competent in their files and Counties they work in representing clients, but the firm wants their clients to come out whole and have support going forward. That is both competency and compassion from Reynolds Defense Firm. I’m grateful.

L.F., Client

This firm did a good job! N.W., Client

You’ve been great at giving us different sides of the process. D.W., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm has been incredible to work with and will recommend you to anyone who needs legal representation for DUI/other charges D.B., Client

I am over-the-moon happy with your team’s representation! T.U., Client

I got a DUI and remembered hearing an ad for Reynolds Defense Firm on the radio, so I gave them a call. They told me how the process would work and what the cost would be. I have nothing but high praises for everyone there that helped me on my case.

Kami was assigned as my attorney and did an outstanding job of going through the facts of the case and getting me the best possible outcome. The DUI process is very intimidating and I’m so thankful I didn’t go through it alone. Thank you, Reynolds Defense Firm and Kami!

S.H., Client

Thank you for such a quick response and results with my situation. I appreciate you and the firm and how quickly you guys reacted. It brought faith back to me. I was losing faith in the system and all involved. D.H., Client

Thank you very much, Kenneth! And thank you team for your amazing support, couldn’t have done it without any of you! A.U., Client

I just want to say, you guys are already doing better than my last attorney; he didn’t look into the facts or really want to fight for me. R.C., Client

Thank you and your team so much for all your support and work during this really difficult time. I appreciate being treating like a good person who just made a terrible mistake. M.M., Client

My DUI was due to my emotional and psychological struggles from being a struggling musician, both physically and financially. The physical pain was coming from too many hours spent sitting down with my instrument, so during my diversion program I started to design a device that could remedy that. I now have a patent pending on this device, have started my own company, and am sending them around the country to other musicians who have similar problems. I have never felt more happy and comfortable with my work in music. Thanks for all of your help, and please give my warmest regards to your team.
T.J., Client

Professional, quality representation, and responsive. B.C., Client

So far, it’s been good! They’re professional. R.W., Client

Thank you for all of your assistance!! You are truly very good at what you do!! F.S., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm has been great. They really set my mind at ease. B.H., Client

Everyone has been awesome. T.F., Client

I could write a book about how great this firm is. Everyone at RDF is respectful and always makes sure you are informed and prepared throughout every step of the process. The whole team is very responsive, knowledgeable, and kind. Hiring RDF was the best thing I could have done for myself and they made getting through every step of the way far less stressful. They also give you so many resources that cover any question you may have and their website is stocked with information that is helpful.
K.G., Client

Thank you, once again, for representing me during this very difficult time. Your professional help gave me the guidance I needed to get everything in good order, helped me financially, and gave me peace of mind, knowing you are the best at what you do. P.S., Client

Thank you for making life a little easier for me. Thank you for everything. D.M., Client

As soon as I retained you guys it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. My specialty is Christmas trees! I was scared I'd say or do the wrong thing and end up in jail. It felt like I really had someone to represent me. R.O., Client

Five stars. L.L., Client

From the very first phone call I had with Reynolds Defense Firm, I knew I was in good hands. My lawyer Daniel Fan was very professional and presented me with all the information I needed, was honest and laid it all out for me what to expect throughout the process. I always felt at ease with the legal assistants when they called or emailed and most importantly appreciated the level of respect Reynolds Defense Firm showed me. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone facing a DUI charge.
B.A., Client

Debbie was lovely. She is truly doing what she was meant to do. M.M., Client

Thank you both so much for everything!!!! Couldn't have done it without you guys! I wish I would've had you in the first place. H.M., Client

I feel so much better after talking with you. I felt better after [the initial call] then even better still after talking to [my legal team]. I feel lucky that I found you….”
D.H., Client

I have just hired them to help me in my case and everyone I have talked to is respectful and show compassion knowing this is a rough time in my life. All calls have been punctual, professional and my questions have all been answered. Not only did they have concern about my case but my wellbeing as well. B.M., Client

It’s ironic that a bad mistake I made turned into a lot of lessons I’ve learned that will keep me going rest of my life. J.W., Client