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We’re dedicated to helping good people who have been arrested for DUI or other criminal charges. Our clients love us. Other attorneys respect us. Community professionals recognize us as an authority in this area. But, don’t take out word for it – see what they have to say for yourself. Please keep in mind that each case is different and because of that the outcomes that we achieved for one client may not be the same as another.

I am SO grateful I called your firm to handle my case. Everyone I have talked to has been great and made me feel so much better and I feel really blessed to be working with you. A hard time in my life has been made more manageable. – K.H., Client

Communication has been great….My conversation with Josh sticks out the most. It was the first time I felt somewhat “normal” since my arrest. – T.M., Client

The culture you all have built at Reynolds Defense is genuinely refreshing. And, left me with a feeling of the utmost confidence in the firm. – M.T., Client

I am so pleased with communication….and grateful for the step-by-step explanations I've been given. I feel like I understand where my case is, in the process. And I'm grateful to NOT feel like a criminal. As far as being impressed by a team member: I'd have to say my contact with Mark at the initiation of this was: reassuring, engaging, empowering, enlightening. He brought me in with his history, credentials and sincerity. But ALL of my contacts with RDF so far have been positive, and informative. – D.J., Client

Everyone has treated me like a person, and all have been lawyers and Therapists at the same time. I really appreciate that!! You care. – B.W., Client

The entire team; you, Josh, Eric, and the rest of the legal team, were so amazing when dealing with someone who is never easy to deal with. I ramble, I complain, and I don’t follow along well, but I never once felt like anyone was losing patience with me. When I found out my son got a DUI, there was never any debate as to who I would call. – R.R., Client

You all have been awesome and always super helpful whenever I had questions. Thanks again! – D.S., Client

Thank you so much. We appreciate the ease with which it was dealing with all of you at your firm. It was pleasant working with you, even though, the circumstances were highly unusual, irregular and of course negative in nature. – G.C., Client

I continue to be impressed with the communication of the entire Reynolds Defense team. Liz has been very helpful ensuring information is being passed along and helping me with what to expect. Erin explained the DMV procedures to me as well as the plan regarding the hearing. – F.G., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm has helped me clearly and efficiently navigate my way through my DUII arrest. They've maintained excellent communication every step of the way, have checked in with me frequently to ensure I understood the process, and turned what was a scary and confusing moment into something that I feel confident I'll be able to get over. I highly recommend seeking out their legal services if you are ever unfortunately in the situation of needing representation for a DUII case. – J.B., Client

Being a first time offender I did not know what to expect but I knew I needed a Lawyer. Trying to find a good lawyer can be difficult because they're so many out there. After speaking with several lawyers Dan Reynolds was my choice because he took the time to listen to my specific case and needs. It was only a few days in that I realized I had made the right choice. Everything that Dan and I discussed on day one took shape in the following weeks. His Team of professionals kept me informed and treated me like family every step of the way. Not knowing can be the scariest part of this process and by selecting the Reynolds Defense Firm they took that fear away. I would highly recommend Dan and his outstanding Team to anyone in need of representation. – S.K., Client

Doug worked with Richard on my case and I appreciated his advice and support greatly. He worked on the discovery part of the case and helped explain the issues to me. – M.E., Client

Before seeking legal representation, I was very confused and scared as to what was going to happen to me. After just the initial conversation I was much more relaxed and informed. – J.B., Client

I was stopped with a .06 and became award of Oregon rules on driving while intoxicated at that time. I was feeling overwhelmed and was concerned that I would screw up and make a bigger mess of things. Richard and Dan laid out all my options, then carried them out efficiently and with minimal need to fuss with things on my end. I wound up with diversion, and with few other complications--and I'm sure that things would have not gone as well if I had handled it alone, or even with most other lawyers. Thank you to Richard, Dan, and the entire Reynolds Defense term for all your patient help with this stressful time in my life. – M.E., Client

This is the first thing that I have ever been charged with in my life (and I truly hope that it's the last) and my legal team has been compassionate throughout the process. – T.P., Client

Thank you very much for all you and your firm do, you're a real mensch in this world. Also, I want you to know I really never will forget you guys. You got me at fragile time in my life and handled me with kid gloves and big hugs and put me at ease with the scenario and the mistake I made. – J.L., Client

Thank You and all the RDF Lawyers and Staff for the excellent work and professionalism. Everyone at RDF makes you feel like you are not alone and treats you with respect and kindness. My case lasted about 9 months and there was never a moment that I didn't feel confident in my choice of Hiring RDF. The communication was excellent as well. I'm glad to have RDF in my corner. – R.M., Client

Mark made me feel good and confident, positive about what was happening. Mark has a good attitude that transferred to me. Richard is a great person and did a great job on my case. – K.S., Client

This is a firm that is concerned about you and your case from start to finish. – R.R., Client

Richard speaks very softly, don't let that fool you. The judges hang on his every word as they listen intently so as not to miss anything. I could not have asked for better representation. He was extremely thorough, thoughtful and persuasive in court. Richard is a fantastic attorney. Hire him by all means. – S.R., Client

Communication has been great. I am impressed with everyone's professionalism. – M.H., Client

You rock, and make me feel safe, and discuss the gravity of this moment in my life, and are wonderful… I will forever remember you all, no joke. This was a crazy and scary episode in my life. – J.L., Client

I really appreciate the Reynolds staff for going above and beyond at every point in this process. Thank you very much for your help… – C.C., Client

I thank you and your team of justice fighters. Please pat backs, shake hands and let everyone involved in my plight know that I appreciate the help and they should sleep well knowing another good deed done. – C.A., Client

Dan, Richard and team, just a final thank you for your invaluable service…there truly is life after DUI. You guys are the best, and I hope I never see you again! – S.R., Client

Hiring you guys was the thing that made me feel the least alone during this whole thing. I know I would have imploded otherwise. -S.F., Client

Thank you and the rest of the RDF crew for your hard work, unwavering support, thorough information, and extraordinary courteousness. Right off the bat, you guys appeased my anxiety and made me feel like I had strong support and I wasn’t alone. I think, not only in a law firm, but ANY business or even pedestrian relations for that matter, that that is very important and a refreshing to experience. You guys have a superb business model and will be HIGHLY recommended by me to anyone I encounter in such need of your services. – J.T., Client

The Reynolds Team kicks ass. Thank you so much! – K.N., Client

I feel like I’m picking back up where I left when I finished college. I attribute that to Blue Binder Project. It was something I would normally not have done but given the timing and the situation I gave it a try. I had no idea how much hearing that radio ad would change my life. RDF was everything I could have asked for and more. – J.P., Client

Athena did a great job answering some questions I had that were outside the normal scope of the case and kept me updated when she was waiting for answers. I appreciate that. – K.H., Client

Mark really talked me through my anxiety and helped ground me off the bat. What an asset for you to have. – S.K., Client

First off…Thank you so much! I very much appreciate Reynolds Firm! You guys and gals are amazing! And really do represent good people and are good people themselves!...Thank you again for trusting and working with me! – J.R., Client

You guys are a 5-star rated firm. I’m at ease now – you made everything go so smoothly. I would recommend you guys to everyone. It has been truly outstanding to have such support. Mischel was outstanding at dealing with my issues today promptly, much appreciated. And of course, Richard has been great to deal with throughout! – D.C., Client

You were the first out of 22 law firms that actually called me back and took the time to talk and help me through this. Just a few minutes of your time helped me find the answer to something that I have spent over 4 years trying to figure out. Thank you! – T.H., Potential Client

While the DUI was awful, it was the best thing that could have happened to me and that is because of RDF. I really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into my case, staying on top of communication, and putting me in touch with my counselor. – A.V., Client

Athena has been great. I hope I don't have to recommend you to anyone in my life, but if it were to come up so far I've been content enough to recommend. – K.H., Client

You guys go above and beyond to communicate and try to make me feel like I’m in good hands. Thanks for great service so far. – G.W., Client

This has been one of the most productive years that I’ve had. I’ve been able to save a lot of money and am really thinking about retirement. This year I’ve learned a lot about myself and about alcohol and although it has not been an easy learning experience, I am very happy it happened. I am most thankful for your office being there for me. – G.R., Client

You’re as nice as the ads made you sound. I’ve been hearing your ads on the radios for years, and was happily surprised when I called in how comforting and friendly you were. – M.E., Client

To all of you there at Reynolds, I just wanted to say thank you so much! You made a very difficult and stressful situation knowledgeable and comforting. All of your staff is amazing and I am so appreciative. – S.E., Client

I really appreciate Reynolds! You guys and gals are the best! – J.R., Client

Thank you for checking in, and you have lived up to my expectations. I would recommend your firm to a friend or family member. I am starting school again and getting ready to move so, thank you. – T.B., Client

The team has been informative and responsive. – A.N., Client

I wanna say thanks Eric for everything you did, was long journey. But I called around and I’m glad I end up with going with you guys and you being my attorney. Would not be in the spot now if it wasn’t for you. – S.P., Client

I always have the nicest conversations with people at your firm! Everyone is very human – not robotic and weird. I really appreciate it very much. This whole situation is less stressful because of you guys. – S.F., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm is a group of fantastic legal counsel experts (Dan and Josh were excellent) that work very hard for you and the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend their services for navigating through this process. Thank you so much for all the hard work to help resolve the challenging legal issues. Thank you! Client

You are all outstanding people! – C.C., Client

I really enjoyed talking with Eric and Erin. They both seem very articulated and knowledgable. I feel that your Firm was a decision. And that I have a team withy best interest in mind. -D.H., Client

It's been a few months since the good news came down and I'm remiss I haven't sent you a note thanking you & team RDF for the great work, so...........THANK. YOU. ALL! (especially JOSH) – T.F., Client

Yes, you have lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Primarily because you have a superior client-focused/solution-based business practice, but just as important, it is obvious that your entire team cares about your clients and producing the best possible result for them.– K.J., Client

It was a treat to work with him (Dan) amongst all the headaches of the time. -D.S, Client

We were blown away by Mark and the way he explained your firm’s values. I broke down and cried when we got off the phone. I feel like God just reached down his hand and brought us to you. And I’m not a religious guy. – D.C.,Partner of client

My initial call from Dan went quite well. I was pleased by the firm's approach and policies. Each of my calls with staff members, and my lead attorney, answered all of my questions and concerns. I'm ready to move forward. Thanks for getting in touch. It's much appreciated! – A.G., Client

From the first consultation, Reynolds Defense Firm’s entire team puts you at ease. It was such a reassuring feeling to have such a caring, professional, as well as knowledgeable group representing myself. The complete staff at Reynolds Defense Firm is outstanding. I highly recommend them to anyone facing a DUII charge. Applause go out to each and every one attached to a very fine group. Their credo, “we represent good people”, is spot on and a reflection of themselves as well. Thank you Reynolds Defense Firm for representing me in such great capacity. – R.R., Client

Congratulations to the RDF staff. Their knowledge and expertise of the legal system made me feel comfortable during this stressful time. I was treated with respect and the staff was always happy to respond to my questions and concerns. Josh, Erin and Mark were very helpful and I knew I would be well represented. I recommend the entire team at the Reynolds Defense Firm. - D.T., Client

From the first phone call consultation with MacDaniel until now I have felt like you all have given my whole situation attention, not just my legal case but my emotional/psychic side as well. – J.P., Client

Thank you to all of you guys for your help through this whole process. Couldn’t have done it without everyone. -M.H., Client

I’m not sure if Dan’s practice will overlap with whatever is at issue here, but I trust him implicitly, so if it does, I recommend him wholeheartedly. He represented my little brother on something and took incredible care of him. That incident got my little brother’s life on track, and Dan’s commitment to not only assisting with the legal issue, but helping the individual holistically, is something I’m forever grateful for!-Portland Attorney & Family Member of Client

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to better my life! Your support is what I need right now and I will be forever indebted to you (not monetarily but gratitude)! Thank you for trusting me and representing me! I look forward to the future now! – M.H., Client

Per your msg I have to say your customer service practices are second to none, You are the first lawyer's l have ever dealt with, and put me at some ease after the first call! And Eric spoke to me in a way that gave me some hope about my Future! That was hopefully and impressed me a lot. Hope you have nice rest of your day! – J.W., Client

I cannot wait to talk to Dan and find a way to work with you all. After talking with Michael yesterday, I already feel a little more centered. Thank you all for treating me as a human and not a criminal. -C.D., Client

Everything has been great and my expectations have been exceeded. I appreciate the team's help. If needed, I would recommend RDF to someone I know. – B.D.,Client

Thanks so much for everything! I really feel that I am in the best hands possible.. I also wanted to say thank you so much for being compassionate, everyone that I have spoken with at your office have been absolutely amazing, you have no idea how it can lift a person's spirits, Like I told you, my world felt over, I was done.. Truly felt beyond broken, every time I have spoken to someone in your office the amount of kindness/compassion they have shown has truly been amazing. -T.L, Client

I think the communication with you people has been going great. Yes, the process was explained very well. We went over everything. Felt well satisfied after the call. I all of you deserve a pat on the back. you people really do make a person fell good after each call. I am well pleased. – J.U.,Client

I have now spoken with both Erin and Eric. At this point your firm has exceeded my expectations. I do not have any questions and I do feel that your firm will handle my case to the best of your ability. – S.C., Client

Thank you for supporting our students. They are so committed to this project. As one said tonight "wow, this is watching research/science happen in ‘real time’ -- they can see the changes in your clients! -Dr. Debi Brannan, Blue Binder Project Research Team

Josh gibbs, athena, sarah.. and the whole team were truly excellent...even of I don't win my case, I know that they did their best representing me...I am going through a difficult time right now, but I know that I chose the best law firm. – R.D., Client

I highly recommend attorney, Joshua Gibbs, for the Reynolds Defense Firm. I was charged with a DUII unjustly. Joshua’s assertiveness, as well as professionalism, prevented what would have been a very stressful, as well as costly experience. His expertise in the matters pertaining to receiving a DUII is nothing shy of outstanding! He blocked charges and any paperwork normally filed by the District Attorney. His knowledge gave me great piece of mind. I didn’t even have to step foot in a court room! In conclusion, I would like to restate my personal thanks to Josh as well as recommend him in representing anyone facing a DUII charge. – R.R., Client

I had myself in a pickle and was unsure what to do. I made the call to Reynolds defense firm and was immediately seen on a holiday day and Josh was assigned as my attorney to represent me during the process. He was very kind, understand and patient with explaining all the steps I would need to go thru never once did he ever make me feel embarrassed. He put me at ease and felt am weight lifted knowing I had him in my corner. I hope to never have to need him again but if I ever found myself in the same situation without a doubt I would pick him to represent me again. Best choice I have made in a long time. -K.W., Client

I can't express what an AWESOME person Erin is. She's professional, determined, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND having her on your side. She digs deep, she fights hard. She helps you see the light when it seems dark. As the professional that she is, she treats you the way you want to be treated. She is dedicated to her word. She human and a HARD WORKER. I feel CONFIDENT having her on my side. I give her a 10 out of 10. If you find yourself in need of EXCELLENT DEFENSE, I Recommend Erin for your chosen defense. - T.R., Client

Richard was very thorough at every step. Achieved more than desired results. 100% recommend. - Client

RDF was clear, specific and professional in their discussions and representations for me. RDF had knowledge of a new law, which helped my case and allowance to drive with minimal restrictions. - J.J., Client

[Richard] was always clear, specific and professional in his discussions and relations with me. He had knowledge of new laws, which helped my case. - J.M., Client

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all your help. I really can't express what a relief it is to put this behind me, it's been very stressful. The confidence I have in Reynold's Defense made the process much more bearable! - D.H., Client

A Top Shelf Organization that treats you like a human being, not another number. I highly recommend Reynolds Defense Firm, Friendly, Professional, and prepared to fight for you. Thanks to my legal team for making this trying time more bearable. - B.S., Client

Richard was very understanding, knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the intricate details involving my case. This was my first 'opportunity' to be involved in a court action and I was needless to say very nervous. Richard provided me with a very detailed explanation of all factors and guided me to a good plan of action. Although still a bit nervous, I was nevertheless reassured by his calmness and direct approach. - R.C., Client

Reynolds Defense Firm worked diligently to get the best possible outcome for my case. Almost more importantly, they provided comfort to ease a difficult situation. I worked primarily with Eric, Destiny and Richard, each of whom are both friendly and well informed. I'm very grateful for their service. - J.M., Client

Dan was phenomenal. I was beyond stressed and my anxiety was through the roof. This isn't a situation where you want to face it alone. Dan and his team took the time to answer all of my questions and helped me throughout the whole process. There is a reason they are the best in the business. They honestly care and you can feel it. I wish I never go into trouble, but I am glad I picked the right team to help me along the way. - Client

Eric went above and beyond to achieve the best possible outcome for my case. He eased my worries and patiently answered a multitude of questions regarding my unique situation. I recommend him and his firm to anyone requiring legal representation for DUII offenses. - J.M., Client

I cannot thank this firm enough for all the support and understanding during this stressful time for me. Without their team I would have been lost and completely stressed out, the fact that they all have made this so much easy for me to get through is huge for me. Josh has been great at explaining everything to me clear so that I always understood the process and the steps, I never felt more secure that advice I was getting was the direction I should go. He has been awesome and supportive during the whole process. Every time I call in someone answers the phone and connects me to the right source, the blue binder project and my coach Chris has been without a doubt one of the best things I could have gone thru as it has opened my eyes to changes I need to make in my life. My own therapist has said that since I started the blue binder process she has seen a change in me and my outlook on life. When I called in, I was scared, confused and extremely stressed out, from the first call to this last court appearance their team has been understanding, helpful and just WONDERFUL. They all have put me at ease and made everything easy to understand. If I am ever asked for a referral, this firm is without a doubt the one I would refer people too. A grateful and happy client. - K.W., Client

These are the people you want on your side when you are in need the most. I can't describe the amount of stress that I have felt over the past year and it has definitely been one of the more trying periods of my life. However, Reynolds Defense Firm , for lack of a better analogy, was like the one kid on the playground who stood up on behalf when everyone else shunned me and turned away. I was put at ease with the skills and experience that they possess as well as the respect and care that they exhibited. This process can be demoralizing, but Reynolds can give you peace of mind and more importantly hope. - N.P., Client

Today was my appointment, and I was greeted with their undivided attention. I felt like they do their best to help you with your case, and I’m glad I choose the right team. Thank you very much, and I hope my case has a successful journey! - J.L., Client

I am very grateful that I found Josh to represent me. Josh was timely in answering all of my questions and very easy to talk to. His demeanor is professional and confident. I felt like I had the best representation possible. - Client

Wow! Where do I even begin! I was arrested with a DUII, and I have to admit, it was one of the scariest and most nerve-racking positions I have ever found myself in. I called at least 4 other criminal defense attorneys, and I was not impressed by any of them, mostly because it was obvious through speaking to them, that I was "just another DUII case." I came across the Reynolds Defense Firm and I couldn't be happier I did. McDaniel Reynolds and his staff are some of the friendliest and most trustworthy people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. What was so different about Dan Reynolds was that after my initial consultation, I could tell that I wasn't just going to be 'another client,' THE REYNOLDS DEFENSE FIRM ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT ME! It gets even better! Dan helped me receive a very favorable legal outcome, as I was able to keep my license, which saved me from losing my job! If you are ever in need of a DUI attorney, you can be rest assured that The Reynolds Defense Firm is going to give you legal assistance, service, and comfort that you will not find anywhere else. I don't ever plan on needing a criminal defense attorney again, but if I do, Dan Reynolds will be my very first and only phone call! Client

Josh is knowledgeable, proactive, organized, and approachable. He helped me to get a diversion in a complicated case. I recommend him without reservation. - P.F. Client

These folks are TOP SHELF. I am very impressed with their efforts on my behalf. It feels good to have a team like this behind me in my legal matters. Well Done from the phones to the people in the courtroom. Best money I ever spent. - B.S., Client

From the moment I opened the letter advertising your services to my court date, I have been so impressed by the RDF team. This was by far one of the most shameful and difficult event of my life and I couldn't have asked for a better team to represent me. Not only did you all support me legally but the support provided emotionally to get my life back on track has been amazing. I have come out of this experience a better person and attribute a large part of that to the Blue Binder Project. I feel I have a renewed sense of purpose and a new set of tools with which to move forward in my life and put this all behind me. I cannot even begin to image how different getting thru this process would have without the RDF team. I would hope none of my friends or family ever have to go through this experience but if any of them ever do, I would highly recommend the RDF team. I cannot think of anything you could have done different to assist or represent me. Not once did I feel I was just another client. You made me feel like a person that you were genuinely interested in helping get through this difficult time. I want to truly thank all of you for everything you have done through this process. I look forward to updating you all on my progress and future endeavors in the real estate world! Please extend my regards to Dan and Eric. - D.M.Client

We have retained Richard Morgan's services twice. He is kind, extremely intelligent, and great to work with. He puts you at ease and explains things so you can understand the process of what you will be going through. He really cares about you and your situation. He reassures you and gives you hope. I recommend him highly. - S.W. Family of Client

It pays to have a good lawyer, but it is a real sound investment to have a great one! - D.B., Client

I cannot thank this firm enough for all the support and understanding during this stressful time for me. Without their team I would have been lost and completely stressed out, the fact that they all have made this so much easy for me to get through is huge for me. Josh has been great at explaining everything to me clear so that I always understood the process and the steps, I never felt more secure that advice I was getting was the direction I should go. He has been awesome and supportive during the whole process. Every time I call in someone answers the phone and connects me to the right source, the blue binder project and my coach Chris has been without a doubt one of the best things I could have gone thru as it has opened my eyes to changes I need to make in my life. My own therapist has said that since I started the blue binder process she has seen a change in me and my outlook on life. When I called in, I was scared, confused and extremely stressed out, from the first call to this last court appearance their team has been understanding, helpful and just WONDERFUL. They all have put me at ease and made everything easy to understand. If I am ever asked for a referral, this firm is without a doubt the one I would refer people too. A grateful and happy client - K.W. Client

Josh was extremely helpful during a scary and stressful situation. He absolutely knows his stuff and prepared me for the worst although he negotiated the best outcome. I would highly recommend hiring Josh and not trying to navigate the law alone. - C.L.Client

They're the best. - J.L. Family of Client

Reynolds Defense Firm is the only place to go when faced with DUI. Dan Reynolds, and his entire team, truly care about their clients and always function in a trustworthy, dependable, and professional way. This law firm is the only law firm we refer people to and we always have excellent feedback. Thank you so much for helping good people in times that are highly stressful. - K.L. Criminal Defense Attorney

Josh exemplifies what you say when you answer the phone – that you represent good people. He made me feel worth the hard work your firm puts in. - S.T., Client
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