How to Get your Car Back After it Was Towed - Clackamas County

You will need to contact the Tow Desk for the agency you were arrested by. They will provide you with specific instructions on how to get your car back; however, we have listed some basic facts for you below.

Information you will need to locate your vehicle:
Vehicle make & model
Date & Time car was towed
License Plate Number and VIN Number
*Your vehicle may be located without some of the specifics listed above, but the process will be faster and easier if you have all information.

Information you will need to have your vehicle released to you:
Valid Driver’s License* or Photo ID
Proof of Ownership/Registration
Proof of Insurance

Clackamas Sheriff’s Office – Records Unit
Phone: 503-785-5200
Address: 9101 SE Sunnybrook Boulevard, Clackamas
Hours: 7:00am – 5:00pm – 7 Days a Week
Online Information.

Vehicle Release:

You will need to get a Vehicle Release if the police towed your car for a crime. The Sheriff’s office will only release the vehicle to the Owner of the vehicle unless you have a notarized statement from the Owner authorizing the release of the vehicle. See above for the required documents for obtaining a Vehicle Release. All outstanding parking and/or park citations must be paid prior to a release being issued.

* DUII Implied Consent temporary license paperwork is accepted in lieu of a Valid Driver’s License, as long as the 12 hour waiting time period is up. The effective time of the Implied Consent is listed on the Implied Consent Form.

Possible Costs:

The cost of getting your vehicle back depends on the reason it was towed and the details of the tow. The Clackamas Sheriff’s Office may charge up to a $150.00 fee to release your vehicle in addition to fees assessed by the company who towed your vehicle. These fees need to be paid in CASH only.

If vehicle was towed for Elude, Hit and Run, Driving Under Influence of Intoxicant, Speed Racing, Driving while Revoked, or Driving while Suspended - Felony or Misdemeanor:

  • $150.00 EXACT cash administrative fee

If the vehicle was towed for Driving while Suspended – Violation, No Operator’s License, or No Insurance:

  • $75.00 EXACT cash administrative fee

If the vehicle was towed for Expired Registration:

  • $75.00 EXACT cash administrative fee

Disputing Tow Costs:

In some cases, you may request a Tow Hearing. For more detailed information please contact the Tow Desk or visit this site.

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