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Have you been arrested for a DUI/DUII in Silverton, Oregon? If so, it is in your best interests to have an experienced Oregon DUII attorney on your side. The way you move forward in addressing your legal matters is up to you, but we encourage you to act with a sense of urgency, as several court processes are time sensitive. At Reynolds Defense Firm, we take pride in doing everything we can to help our clients through their DUI charge in Oregon.

Your citation or release agreement will have instructions to make an initial court appearance at a future date. Please carefully review the papers you were served as they will let you know exactly where you need to be for your original court date. The majority of Silverton DUII hearings take place at the Marion County Circuit Court. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you appear in the correct courthouse on the correct date.

Initial court appearances (Arraignment) are usually held at the Marion County Court Annex:

4000 Aumsville Highway SE
Salem, OR 97317

Additional court appearances can remain at the Annex, or transfer to the Marion County Circuit Court, downtown:

100 High Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
Marion County Court Annex
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Reynolds Defense Firm attorneys (also referred to as DUI attorneys or DWI attorneys) specialize in representing clients in DUI cases in Silverton, Oregon and throughout Marion County. A DUI arrest can be very stressful and overwhelming. You want to have an attorney on your side who can provide experience, integrity and professionalism in assisting you through this difficult process. From the initial court appearance and the DMV Hearing, through case resolution, we are here to help. Review our Client Reviews page to hear from others who have been helped by Reynolds Defense Firm.

If you or someone you know was arrested for a DUI in Silverton, Oregon, we urge you to take immediate action and hire an experienced DUI attorney. DUI charges frequently result in devastating consequences – some that affect you shortly after a citation is issued, others that persist for several years to come. All courts handle DUII charges in whatever manner they deem most appropriate, but DUII laws carry mandatory punishments and are uniform across Oregon. While it is legal to go to court without the help of a DUI attorney or with an attorney who does not specialize in DUI law, it is always in your best interest to take advantage of using a specialist who focuses on this kind of work regularly.

More about Silverton, Oregon

Silverton is a unique, little town. It has charming architecture and is surrounded by nature, including waterfalls and beautiful gardens. Tucked away between Salem and the Cascade Mountains, Silverton was once a farming town and in more recent years it has transformed into a tourism hub for a variety of local attractions. The current population is around 10,000 and the city is most notable for the infamous Silver Falls. The same creek that runs through the falls runs through the downtown area too, creating a relaxing experience on the many decks that extend off the backs of cafés, restaurants and shops over the water.

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Silverton's nickname is " Oregon's Garden City," because of the 80-acre botanical garden that showcases nearly two dozen specialty gardens, miles of walking paths and a secret garden hidden somewhere on the property. The Oregon Garden is tended to for every season, meaning there's no bad time of year to explore. During the holiday season you can experience Christmas in the Garden and walk through one million Christmas lights, eat, shop and listen to live music.

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We all know that an arrest for DUI can affect many other things in your life - your job, your ability to drive your car and your relationships. While Reynolds Defense Firm cannot promise you backdoor deals, having relationships with key court members such as judges and district attorneys is important as our team works hard to keep all consequences that result from an arrest to a minimum. It is also important for you to show up to court with someone who has a solid reputation in Silverton, Oregon. When you show up with a DUI law specialist from our team, it shows that you are ready to address your legal matters in a meaningful way.

We are happy to answer your questions, and at the risk of sounding immodest, we are very good at what we do. To schedule your consultation, please contact us firm at your earliest convenience by calling (503) 223-3422. Other contact options include our 24/7 messaging service and our quick online form. Thank you for considering our team as we help you and your loved ones figure out the next best steps for your legal matters.

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Just a small token of appreciation for helping me wade through this legal process. I sincerely appreciate the assistance you have provided. T.C.
Thank you to your firm for the help with this issue. I will recommend your office if someone has a need for it. L.P.
Great news! Thank you so much for all your help through this! Please send my regards to Richard, I probably wouldn’t have got through it without him. C.K.
I can tell you that everyone at the firm has been wonderful and welcoming. It is a stressful time but everyone I have talked to has been very helpful. P.G.