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Mark F. McKee, Firm Liaison

Mark McKee is a Firm Liaison and fantastic at making personal connections with our potential clients, while helping to reduce their anxiety about the legal process. Mark brings with him 6 years of customer service and management experience in the retail industry. He recently moved from his hometown of Fulton, Missouri to join the RDF team. He is quickly learning about all things Oregon—Food Carts, his SE Portland neighborhood, local County & Courthouse names, how to get around town—fortunately he’s a quick study! When he is not at work, you can find him writing novels, playing baseball, reading, or under a pile of popcorn in a movie theater.

Picture of Mark McKee Picture of Mark McKee
Ami Lamb, Firm Liaison

Ami is an essential member of our team, bringing a positive attitude and enthusiasm for helping people. She has a passion for connecting with everyone who calls our office, and her desire to make sure they get the help they need is truly inspiring to everyone around her. She is a ‘rare’ Oregon native with a love for travel. Ami has visited almost every state and national park across the U.S! After all, her motto is, “life is an adventure.” When she’s not at work she loves to stay active and never turns down an opportunity to visit unfamiliar places and meet new people. Some of her favorite things to do are random dance parties with her children, coaching her daughter’s softball team, singing and playing her guitar.

Picture of Ami Lamb Pitcure of Ami Lamb
Debra Cochran, Senior Legal Assistant

Debbie originally hails from Michigan but decided to make Oregon home. She brings with her 16+ years of top-level executive support, much of it in the Criminal Defense world. She has worked on "both sides"for prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys, so she has a very holistic view of the entire process. Her biggest gift is helping the clients understand the process in a way that supports and empowers them. Some of our team members have deemed her a "fairy godmother" because she always has what you're looking for, even when you don't know you need it. Whether it be guidance, snacks or a handheld vacuum that she keeps in her desk drawer! Debbie finds true joy in helping others which makes her a perfect fit for our team.

Picture of Debra Cochran Picture of Debra Cochran
Sasha Cuno, Legal Assistant

One of the Sasha’s many strengths that make her such an essential part of our legal team, is her ‘can-do’ mindset. She doesn’t give up easily and is always looking for a way to make things happen. Every day Sasha is grateful for the opportunity to be part of a community that truly cares about its clients and works hard to obtain outcomes timely and in the best interests of the good people we represent. She is soft spoken, but within the first few minutes of talking to Sasha her level of confidence is unmistakable. This quality, paired with her extensive experience, helps clients recognize they are in good hands. She has the ability to remain calm and organized which helps the legal team stay focused on taking care of our clients. Outside of the office Sasha dabbles in many hobbies, such as knitting, sewing, photography, hiking and gaming. If you get the chance, makes sure you ask her about her impressive button collection!

Picture of Sasha Cuno Pitcure of Sasha Cuno
Jake Morse, Legal Assistant

Another one of those hard-to-find Oregon natives, Jake was born in Portland and still loves the city as much as ever. He brings with him over a decade of experience working with criminal defense attorneys, locally, in the Portland Metro Area, giving him a deep understanding of how the court system works – and he will be the first to tell you, learning how court systems function is a lot like learning a foreign language. Jake has been immersed in this work for a long time and he appreciates the opportunity to work with dedicated people. Even more, he is extremely grateful for the ability to help clients through some very difficult situations, both legally and emotionally. He has wonderful communication and interpersonal skills, giving him the ability to connect with people and put them at ease. Outside of the office, Jake enjoys spending time outside hiking, biking and snowboarding. Make sure you say “hello” if you see him on the trail.

Picture of Jake Morse Pitcure of Jake Morse
Alysa Goodfellow, Legal Assistant

Alysa first joined our team as the Director of First Impressions. Being the first point of contact for anyone who called our office, Alysa got to know our clients very well, and she looked forward to every opportunity to help them – even if it was just being an encouraging voice. Alysa’s enthusiastic nature, people skills, and genuine desire to help others are just a few of her impressive qualities that lend so well to her role as a Legal Assistant. Her years of service industry experience strengthened her ability to recognize our client’s needs, offer compassion, and quickly problem solve, helping reassure our clients that they’ve come to the right place. Her supportive nature and pride in the fantastic work we do here at RDF make her a great part of our team. She was born in Utah and has called Oregon her home since before she could walk. She considers herself an Oregon native, through and through, and as someone who sings and plays four instruments, in her off-time she enjoys anything involving music.

Picture of Alysa Goodfellow Pitcure of Alysa Goodfellow with a Sloth
Nic Perry, Director of Operations

Nic Perry's role of Director of Operations provides critical behind the scenes support and direction that allows our business to run smoothly and efficiently. Nic recently moved to Oregon after growing up and attending college in Missouri. His MBA along with a diverse set of business skills allow him to be an integral part of the continued growth of Reynolds Defense Firm while providing fantastic service for our clients as well as a great place for our employees to work. He brings with him 10 years of experience working to help organizations grow and improve, along with an ability to think critically, and fantastic technical skills. He and his wife are enjoying exploring the Oregon outdoors with hiking, rock climbing and snowboarding. In his free time, he enjoys tackling new projects like woodworking, working on cars and building websites.

Picture of Nic Perry Picture of Nic Perry
Susan Moriyama, Finance Manager

Susan Moriyama is our Finance Manager. As part of our Operations Team, Susan helps the business machine run efficiently, all while maintaining a fantastic offbeat sense of humor. Originally from a small town in Ohio, she moved to Oregon after spending several years in Washington D.C. and Tokyo. Susan brings 15+ years of experience working in the investment industry as a Performance Measure Analyst, but she’s also been an English Teacher, Classical Dance Instructor and a Japanese-English translator. Her diverse background gives her the ability to be flexible and solution oriented as the firm continues to grow, which is fortunate because we are growing quickly! When Susan isn’t busy helping our team, she spends a lot of time reading, doing math and cooking. As a relatively new Portland resident with an adventurous spirit, Susan enjoys exploring and finding the city’s hidden gems with her husband and 11-year-old son.

Picture of Susan Moriyama Picture of Susan Moriyama
Rachel Reid, Office Manager

As our Office Manager, Rachel helps to ensure everything functions properly and she is our behind the scenes ‘go-to’ for assistance with important projects that are essential to the growth of our business. She works closely with multiple departments, learning their goals and helping to achieve them. Her desire for new experiences is what makes her so great at what she does. Rachel looks forward to new opportunities to work with the RDF team, learning various processes and helping to improve essential systems. With her background in hospitality and customer service, she has the ability to make our clients feel at ease anytime they have the pleasure of speaking to her. Originally from Florida, Rachel has a passion for art in all its many forms. While she enjoys tapping into her own creative side, she finds true inspiration watching others pursue their crafts. Don’t be surprised if you run into her at your next live music event or local art gallery – and make sure to say “hi!”

Picture of Rachel Reid Picture of Rachel Reid
Tammy Reynolds, Director of Brand Integrity & Growth

Tammy Reynolds is our Director of Brand Integrity and Growth. Tammy’s great mix of creativity and straightforward logic has been instrumental in growing the Reynolds Defense Firm as a business while allowing us to remain true to the core values and beliefs that make us so successful. You may notice an uncanny similarity in Dan’s last name and Tammy’s. This is not a coincidence! Nineteen years ago Tammy agreed to marry Dan, and she’s been happily stuck with his last name and smiling face ever since. Outside the office, Tammy loves Cross Fit training, being outdoors, and of course, their son Jack who is now officially a teenager.

Picture of Tammy Reynolds Picture of Tammy Reynolds
Destiny Van Rooy, Client Experience Coordinator

Destiny recently decided to take her decade long knowledge of the criminal justice system and her amazing skills in connecting with people in a new direction. The marketing department welcomed her hard work and dedication with open arms. Destiny has extensive experience with much of our behind-the-scenes work and knowledge of the criminal case process. That background along with her creativity helps our brand continue to grow, by making sure that the human element of the legal experience is not lost on the good people we represent. Outside of work, Destiny spends her time crafting and exploring the art and music-scene with her husband, London. She isn't shy about her wicked sugar addition or her love of good coffee, good food, and good conversations.

Picture of Destiny Van Rooy Picture of Destiny Van Rooy
Derica Waller, Blue Binder Project Senior Coach

Derica’s enthusiasm for helping others couples well with her 20+ years of experience as a master level therapist, and we truly value her as a team member. As a coach herself, Derica gets to bring over two decades of experience to inspire positive, lasting changes for her clients. As a manager, Derica provides energy and leadership to the other coaches in our BBP program. She offers the necessary support to ensure the success of each coach in helping our client’s meet their personal goals to bring out their truest and best selves. Her mission at RDF is to be in a constant state of growth, herself, in order to continue to help every client who needs us. She loves that everyone at RDF really believes in what they do, and while there are certain ideas our team talks about, we live by our beliefs daily. When Derica’s not working, she loves to garden, hike through the Pacific Northwest coast range, and hang out with her husband and 2 kids. She also enjoys yoga—when there’s time for Derica to practice yoga, her life gets that much better!

Picture of Derica Waller  Pitcure of Derica Waller
Angela Droege, Blue Binder Project Program Coordinator

As the Blue Binder Project Program Coordinator, Angela uses her proactive problem-solving skills to help coordinate and evolve BBP. She is organized, detail oriented, and has great follow through which is why she is perfect for her role. She brings with her 10+ years of background in the real estate industry, and has filled in for a variety of positions at RDF over the last several years. That experience and insight, along with her lively and inquisitive personality, is just what the BBP program needs to seek out opportunities for growth. Outside of the firm, she loves spending time with her husband and teenage son, hiking, campfires and making crazy smoothies & juices!

Picture of Angela Droege  Pitcure of Angela Droege Looking Up
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Just a small token of appreciation for helping me wade through this legal process. I sincerely appreciate the assistance you have provided. T.C.
Thank you to your firm for the help with this issue. I will recommend your office if someone has a need for it. L.P.
Great news! Thank you so much for all your help through this! Please send my regards to Richard, I probably wouldn’t have got through it without him. C.K.
I can tell you that everyone at the firm has been wonderful and welcoming. It is a stressful time but everyone I have talked to has been very helpful. P.G.