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Picture of MacDaniel E. Reynolds You’ve heard it on our radio ads, you’ve seen it in our social media posts and monthly newsletters, “We’re here if you need us”. Now more than ever this is true. Reynolds Defense Firm IS here if you need us. Call us, if you have questions. Call us, if you’re not sure what’s happening. Call us if you need some help – we’re here now.

RDF is a Team – We Learned This Lesson the Hard Way in 2009

Many years back when Dan was practicing law as the sole attorney, he caught the swine flu. He knows how hard it was to take care of his clients when he was sick and, quite frankly, probably wasn’t his best self while he still tried to help them. Back then, he didn’t have a choice. He never wants clients to have to go through that again, so he designed a firm with a deep bench. Our legal team has 6 attorneys and 5 Legal assistants to help you. If any one member gets sick, we have others to step in and help you.

This is exactly why you hired a qualified team of attorneys. We are prepared to continue working on your case and going to court with, and for, you.

We’re here if you need us. Breathe.

Here at RDF, every team member can work remotely, so we can keep on helping you not only wherever you are, but also wherever we are. Please know that regardless of whether we are working from our offices or from our homes, you will be able to contact your team and we will continue to work on your case to get you the best result.

Know that you can focus on how what’s occurring right now impacts you personally. With changes happening with your job, or your child’s school, or the people you need to take care of, we want you to have the reassurance that we’ve got your back with what is happening with the courts. Your top priority at this time is to stay healthy, and we want to keep that your top priority.

Opportunities Come Gift Wrapped in Problems

This is one of our core beliefs, and we believe that this situation will create opportunities.

The Courts are Open to Creative Solutions Now More Than Ever

This doesn’t mean that your case is going to go away or that you’re not going to have to complete the requirements that the court has set up for you. What it might mean is that your appearance might be telephonic instead of in person, or that you might have a little more time to complete elements of your case that include large group meetings. We don’t yet know all the solutions that are available to us, but rest assured, our attorneys are looking for the opportunities for you during this time.

DMV Issue, Expungement or Bench Warrant? Now is the Time to Address It!

RDF has always been designed to help people move forward with life. With ever expanding containment both for our team and you personally – there is potentially more time to take care of nagging things that weren’t a priority before. Our team can help you with expungements, with lifting bench warrants and DMV issues in a way that we haven’t been able to before. There is opportunity here to take care of some of these things in this “lull” in life so that once we all go back to normal, you can focus on moving forward because you’ve taken care of these things.

Life can be Hard; We Have a Personal Development Program That can Help

Right now, news and social media can trigger fears about the unknown and what comes next. It feels a little surreal almost like a dystopian movie. How do you mange all of this and stay positive and focused on what’s important? It’s a challenge and a decision you’ll need to make & remake tens of times a day. If you’re really struggling, we have a way to help. Blue Binder Project is a 4-week personal development course. It is designed to be remote, with materials delivered to your home or email inboxes and weekly coaching calls to help you through it. We designed it to help people deal with the Window of Clarity that comes with a difficulty in life such as an arrest or a divorce. For some people, what’s happening in the world right now is just as challenging and offers an opportunity to improve your mindset.

Please call us if you have concerns or questions, we will do everything we can to help address your needs. We can work together to find the best solution for you, both your case and your life.

MacDaniel Reynolds and your entire RDF Team

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Client Reviews
Just a small token of appreciation for helping me wade through this legal process. I sincerely appreciate the assistance you have provided. T.C.
Thank you to your firm for the help with this issue. I will recommend your office if someone has a need for it. L.P.
Great news! Thank you so much for all your help through this! Please send my regards to Richard, I probably wouldn’t have got through it without him. C.K.
I can tell you that everyone at the firm has been wonderful and welcoming. It is a stressful time but everyone I have talked to has been very helpful. P.G.